She hid around corners and hid under beds…

She hid around corners and she hid under beds

She killed it with kisses and from it she fled

With every bubble she sank with a drink

And washed it away down the kitchen sink

This is how my final project felt at times. I’ve loved it. I really have, but for months now it has been lurking at the back of my mind, always there ready to pounce when I thought I had 5 minutes to myself. That’s the thing that makes it hard to let go. The video was never quite right. The lengths for the transitions weren’t quite spot on, the font type, the sound; the list goes on and on. Finally, though, finally here is the product of all the blood sweat and tears. A little long. A little blurry on the Twitter and Google Doc screen captures (I’ve tried but that’s the best quality I can get) but this, in a 14 minute nutshell, is the project we ran in my class on collaboration. Where possible I have let the kids tell the story and tried to fill in the background with my notes in between.

I have tried to encompass the key principles that we have covered during the 4 previous courses such as gamification for the first lesson to build the children’s awareness of how to work together. We applied Garr Reynolds’ principles of presentation zen for the children’s final projects and utilised Twitter and Google docs to push lessons up through the SAMR model towards Modification and Redefinition

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There is no rhyme nor reason for the 80’s theme other than the song ‘Do or die’ by Dougie Wood, which is a Creative Commons Download from (tutorial on how to find royalty-free music) was awesome and I’m really enjoying Stranger Things at the moment.

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4 Comments on “She hid around corners and hid under beds…
  1. Hello Iain,
    I didn’t know football could be fairtrade! (For me, it can just break things in the house!!) One of my son who is also learning about fairtrade would be excited to hear that!
    That’s an interesting project! I like how you started off with the lockers challenge!

    • Hello Magali

      Ha ha, my son does exactly the same with pretty much anything he can get his hands on! Yeah it was really great to feel that the project had real substance to it rather than just learning subject skills and knowledge, it was also life lessons for the kids. in truth it was maybe a little ambitious as there was heavy involvement in the last stages as the kids found the groups too big but they learned a lot from it!

      Take care and thank you for watching!


  2. Hi Iain,
    Love the Stranger Things feel throughout the whole video! I was expecting Eleven to appear at any time!
    Your project is well thought out and I love the student reflections and presentations. It is clear that they have learnt some pretty awesome transferable skills throughout the entire project.
    Thanks for sharing it with the world.

  3. Oh Ian –
    You had me at Florence and the Machine! :) Congrats and well done on this Course’s work for sure. Now, go ahead and relax, because this project is done, dusted, and no longer lurking out at you – what a relief we can all feel!
    Best and warmest wishes,
    :)wendy f.

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