Course 2 final project-Looking to collaborate on option 2

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    Hi Beth,
    I’m looking for people for option two, too. I teach Grade 2 in an IB school in Singapore. The assignment needs a small group so I guess that means at least three people. Do you want to work together?

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    Hello Beth & Jayne!
    I too am looking at option 2. My coworker just redid the AUP for our school last April for COETAIL. I teach science to K-5 so I can’t exactly put the lesson plan into play but would love to create one to use for the future! (Next year I’ll be teaching 3rd grade).
    Feel free to email me ( or tweet me (@munsonce)

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    Hi Beth, Jayne and Caitlin
    I am also looking for a group to collaborate with. I teach 6th grade social studies at the American School of Paris.
    Please let me know if I might be able to join the group.
    thanks, Mary

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    Hi Beth, Caitlin, Jayne & Mary
    I too am looking to collaborate with someone on the AUP option. Have just had accreditation at our school here in Kuwait, and am rather far behind, hence only waking up to this now.
    I teach 5th Grade. Mary, I see your post only went up 4 days ago. Have you joined a group yet? If not, perhaps we could work together? 5th and 6th grade are not that far apart. Please let me know.
    Thanks, Marius

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