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    Hi Dan, I am interested. Maybe a few of us can do it together?


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    Hi Dan, Yes I realized you were Secondary later. I’m elementary and that isn’t going to really work. It’s better if there are a number of us but no one else is jumping in. Do you Tweet? There are some of us working on the AUP through Twitter and the hashtag #coetailAUP I don’t know if this type of collaboration counts for the coursework but it still functions as giving us ideas etc. etc. Join us there and let’s see if we can find more partners.


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    Elementary here – have used the hashtag on twitter – definitely a great way to collaborate but we need a google doc. I am grade 3 but could also fall into Lower Elem. as that is where most of my experience lies. I think a small group in our division areas would be best. Anyone else reading who wants to chime in, feel free. I am getting my hands on my school’s AUP this week (it was just revised).

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    Elementary also here. I would love to join you … How could we start? At our school a AUP exist since 2009 so it’s time to revise! Let’s go for it!

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    I am Grade 2 and would love to make a partnership here. Anyone still interested or feel like the odd person out? Our schools AUP has been updated recently, but I am sure it can be improved upon.

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    Hi all- Looking to also join the partnership. A coworker is finishing up COETAIL in May and she just updated our Elementary AUP last year but I’m sure it could be tweaked. (It is still not being actively used).

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    Hi All,

    I’m looking to collaborate with secondary teachers for an AUP if anyone is interested.


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