Are you getting SUNY credits?

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    Haha… after reading all that I think I made the right decision!
    I was planning on taking the MSc and paid the higher price for course one. Since then I have been thinking about why I really want to study. I keep reminding myself that this course was for myself and my students rather than to get a Masters. My last course was a Masters and I worked really hard for the grades, not necessarily following my interests. Then I ended up missing graduating with distinction because my last assignment was 3% off! I think that was the biggest lesson of the Masters! I feel like the decision to do COETAIL as is takes the pressure off and allows me to enjoy the learning more.
    I agree with you about it being confusing too – its a long time away and we don’t know what our interests will be or whether the SUNY Masters will be able to cater to them.
    Good luck with the decision!

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    Thanks for your feedback. I was wondering if people were in the same boat as me or if they were too busy to respond.

    I’d like to hear from many more people as I haven’t decided yet. For those of you that are pursuing it, why are you? and what courses will you do for points 8-10?

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    I just discovered you can get one or three SUNY credits by attending the Flat Classroom Conference. See the link above. It’s possible to get credits by attending the conference online. Unfortunately, it’s too late for this year. The conference just ended. But, I imagine they will offer this again for future annual conferences.

    If others can post ways of gaining the credits, please do.

    Also, if there is another forum that has already a thread on this topic, please give us the link. :D


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    Hi Vivian, You can also get SUNY credits by attending NESA conferences but you only allowed to use max of 6 credits from these conferences. Hope this helps!

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    I also applied for the Masters program (mainly because I was unsure and wanted to make sure I didn’t close any doors). I paid the higher price for the first class, but am not sure if I should continue with that or switch to just the certificate. I’ll keep watching this forum to see what others think as well.

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    Hi Wendy
    I went the other direction. I paid the cheaper price thinking I can always add more money if I want to get the Masters’ degree. I’m not really any closer to deciding. It would be nice if someone who has finished the degree could give us some advice but I guess they wouldn’t be in these forums. I have to make up my mind before I pay for course 2.

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    Hi all! I’m paying the higher price for all 5 COETAIL courses and getting my masters. The degree (MSc) seems a little vague, but that’s what I like about it! I can mold the degree to fit my interests :)

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    Interesting – I paid the Masters cost for the course so, like others, I didn’t close the doors.
    My concern is that it isnt a M.Ed….or am I reading it wrong? What is a Masters in Multidisciplinary studies? Anyone with any further info or insight into this? Is it as valuable as a M.Ed?

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    Hi Tim
    Now, that I have more information on how to fulfill the Masters course, I am going to pay the higher fee for the next ones and add-in the difference for the first course.

    Lissa Layman sent me a link to this M.Ed course: She says it’s for people interested in Leadership.

    I have the same concern as you. What does a M.S. really mean? But, we all know what a M.Ed means…

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    Interesting… Because I originally started off as an engineer (and have an M.S. in Systems Engineering), I actually give more credibility to the M.S. than I ever have towards an M.Ed. I usually associated an M.S. with requiring a thesis, but it looks like this one only requires a project. Perspective…

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    Hi Wendy,

    I’ve never heard of a M.S. but only a M.Sc. Your M.S. in Engineering can’t be the same as this M.S. which is short for Masters of Multidisciplinary Studies.

    In education circles, M.A., M.Ed has a clear meaning but not the M.S. from SUNY. This is not to belittle your M.S. as I had NO IDEA that there is one in Engineering. I think the two M.S. must be different.

    There’s no way that the M.S. from SUNY is equivalent to your Systems Engineering degree! For one thing, you can fulfill two of the SUNY requirements by attending two conferences and related assignments.



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    An M.S. is always a Master of Science, no matter what it is an M.S. in. COETAIL is an M.S. in Multidisciplinary Studies.

    I think that over the years the distinction between an M.A., an M.Ed., and an M.S. have become really blurred. Normally an M.S. takes a bit more of a scientific approach to what ever field you’re studying (often including coursework in statistics). In education it’s usually geared more for people interested in going into research, rather than just classroom teaching (again this has become blurred over the years). But SUNY Buffalo State’s M.S. doesn’t really seem to be a typical M.S. (as you mentioned, it’s not very rigorous).

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    Thanks for the explanation Wendy. Is a M.S. the same as a M.Sc ?

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    Vivian, I think they’re the same. I haven’t seen M.Sc. as much…I think it’s used more outside of the U.S.

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    I think I’ve decided to go ahead and continue paying the higher cost. I don’t know yet if I’ll complete the M.S. (don’t really need another one), but I want the graduate credit because I’m thinking about adding an endorsement to my current certification.

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    In Canada, we have the M.Sc (Science). I guess the US prefers M.S. I would like the graduate credit but the SUNY paperwork is putting me off…

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    Hi Vivian,
    The paperwork wasn’t that bad- I got the bulk done over the Christmas break, when I went home to Toronto. I think it is a good program, and I intend to complete it as Masters. I think that it will be a well balanced degree. I chose all the courses I want to take already ( the list was e-mailed to me). I can try finding it if you’d like.:)

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    Hi Sibilia

    Wendy and Lissa were asking about a M.Ed with this: M.Ed in Educational Technology Leadership (or something like that). Dana Watts is already doing the Ph.D here. I’ve written to them to ask if our Coetail courses can be credited towards that. I’ll post back the answer when I get their reply.

    A M.Ed means more than a M.A. which means more than a M.S. (That’s my impression re: Canada).

    I’d like to see the courses you’ve chosen. Maybe you can copy and paste it here for others who are interested? If not, please email it to me.

    I will get the graduate credits and work on the paperwork this summer.

    Thanks Siblia!


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    I should clarify that when I said that a MA means more than a M.S. in Canada is because a M.S. (Masters of Science) is not really known in Canada.

    We have the M.Sc (Masters of Science) which means more than a M.A. as the M.Sc implies graduate level research and lab work and much more rigorous than the M.A.

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    Hi Vivian and Sibila,
    I’ve been reading the discussion with interest. I paid the $500 fee for the first two courses, but I’m thinking of doing the SUNY M.S. Sibila/Vivian could you send me the list of courses/post the URL?

    Have you applied already?


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    Thanks for starting this thread! I opted to pay higher course fees but have put off making decisions about pursuing Masters. A big thanks to my schools PD funding to give flexibility.

    I like how flexible the program seems, but am concerned about how well the credentials hold up in various arenas. In the international circuit, I’ve heard that a Master’s degree is a Master’s degree, the specifics of what it is doesn’t matter as much. Although at higher (admin) levels, I think it does (or should).

    The Master’s program offered by SUNY doesn’t sound education related (ie MS multidiscliplinary studies) it is as opposed to an MEd which clearly relates at a glance. I would be more concerned if I was thinking about using this program as Master’s qualifications in Canada. Although I’m largely speculating.

    Basically, looking forward to further information on this post.

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    I am interested in the M.Ed I’ve written to inquire about it. I’ll post back what I hear. I agree with Kelsey that the M.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies doesn’t sound very “education” related. Could they possibly change it to be a M.S. in Educational Technologies? A Master’s in general studies is sort of like a contradiction.

    A M.Ed would be impressive. There are discussions happening regarding Coetail and the M.Ed but no promises as of yet.

    As far as I can see, the M.S does not require a big examination. The M.Ed requires passing the GRE (Graduate Readiness Exam) which is like the SATs but for graduate students. There is also a big exam component at the end.

    Chloe, I went back and paid the difference between the $500 and $718 for both Course 1 and Course 2. So, I’m getting graduate credits now.

    I didn’t understand what the list of courses meant but now I see that we can get credits for attending conferences (like EARCOS or the Flat Classroom conference) and writing up papers on what we’ve learned at the conference. This sounds do-able for me, so I’ve decided to pursue the credits and to get the M.S.

    If suddenly the M.Ed seems a possibility, I’ll look into that but I don’t think it’s wise to wait for this to be linked up to Coetail as it may not. If it does, it may be a long way off in the future. Who knows? If we get graduate credits at SUNY before receiving the M.S., maybe there is a possibility of transferring the credits. This is all speculation on my part so don’t base your decision on these ideas.

    A bird in hand is worth two in the bush and that’s why I’ve decided to get the graduate credits. They’ll go “somewhere” eventually.

    Sibila has not emailed me but she has not forgotten. When she does, I’ll ask her if she can post the information here too.

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    I also want to give you a heads-up that if your degrees are from a major North American university, you might not have to get your degrees evaluated before admission into SUNY. This is one of the steps they ask for. Kelsey got exempt. I wrote and got mine exempt. Email SUNY if you think you qualify for an exemption too. Saves a huge headache.

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    OK…the light is starting to dawn for me.

    If I’ve got this all wrong, I hope someone corrects me…

    For the degree you need the FIVE courses from Coetail. They have different names from Coetail. See the very first post in this thread by me for what SUNY calls them.

    In addition, you need these two compulsory courses:

    SPF689 Methods & Techniques of Educational Research (3 credits)

    EDU690 Master’s Project (3 credits)

    Now, you have to choose THREE more courses. There are 10 you need in total for the M.S. degree.

    Sibila wrote back with the list of courses to fulfill the rest of the degree and here they are:

    EDU 501 Seminar for the Reflective Teacher
    This course focuses on what it means to be a teacher. Students will explore research, popular stereotypes, and educational demands that will help reflect on the process of teaching. Students will define for themselves why they teach and how to enhance their practice to align to their view of the role of teacher. Themes addressing teaching as talent developer, molder of character, inspiration for life long learning, and provider of knowledge will provide the focus of the course. Each theme will be introduced through film with accompanying readings surrounding the research in that area.

    EDU 534 The Holistic Curriculum: Teaching to Both Sides of the Brain
    This course presents strategies for promoting emotional literacy in schools. Research in brain-based learning for emotional health and creating a curriculum that teaches emotional competency will be explored. Course topics include emotional intelligence and the five characteristics and abilities: self awareness, mood management, self-motivation, empathy and managing relationships.

    EDU 604 Instructional Strategies for More Effective Teaching
    This course is designed to provide teaching strategies useful in helping children meet learning standards. Because better teaching increases the probability of better learning, this course will focus on the improvement of lesson design and instruction through informed decision-making and attention to the many ways children learn. Teachers will explore instructional strategies and models that promote higher level thinking and problem solving in their students.

    EDL 607 Site – Based Leadership
    This course is designed to develop and present leadership strategies for promoting leadership, to encourage planned change, and manage unplanned change. Topics include shared decision making and developing further understanding of school characteristics and perceptions. Leaders will learn to manage by measurement using data-driven decision making. Well known organizational development strategies and leadership skills that are needed to effect desired change in school communities will be presented, explored and expanded. Skills for creating a climate to promote and encourage the development of leaders will be developed.

    EDF 611 Evaluations in Education
    This course surveys assessment strategies that have proved to be successful in measuring student learning. How to provide both formative and summative feedback is a major focus. Course participants will design a series of assessments that align to curricular outcomes for both content and skills across content areas.

    EDL/EDU 640 Conflict Resolution and Peaceable Schools
    Using film study and online resources provided by the instructor, the goal of this course is to present strategies for resolving conflict with a special focus on school context. Topics will focus attention to the foundations of peacemaking, emotional intelligence, teaching tolerance, and team building. The course relies heavily on “media” therapy to introduce powerful images of peaceable communities and sources of conflict. The course will present a model for incorporating peaceable schools curricula into the existing school programs.

    You can substitute two conferences for two of the choices that Sibila wrote me about. For example: EARCOS, NESA, Flattened Classroom etc. You need to write Three Papers ( of three pages each which equals 9 pages of writing) to follow up the conference for the full 3 credits that comprises one SUNY course.

    You can do this a maximum of TWO times to replace two of the SUNY courses on the list that Sibila provided.

    If you write two papers (3 pages each), you get TWO CREDITS. If you write one paper (3 pages long), you get ONE credit.

    As well, you can substitute one online independent course of your choosing to replace one of the ones that Sibila wrote me about, but you need to get pre-approval. Once again, consult the first post in this thread for more clarity. I have a Master’s level course from another university already completed this past February. I’m going to try to see if I can get this transferred to fulfill this requirement.

    BASICALLY, you have to do three of the courses Sibila mentioned or mix and match by substituting with conferences (maximum of 2) and/or one independent online course of your own choosing.

    I hope this helps.


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    Finally, you need 10 courses to get the M.S. Each course is 3 credits. (The M.S. requires 30 credits). The Coetail courses are 3 credits each. This info is to help you choose what you want to do at conferences. It would be better to do the 3 page write-up to get the 3 credits, if you ask me. You’re there already….

    Anyway, it’s these little details that I didn’t know at the onset so it was near impossible to decide before I started Coetail whether I was going to get the credits or not.

    If I could have found this information on the SUNY site, it would have been a lot easier but I didn’t and the initial email they sent me created more questions than answers…

    Thanks to all who helped me understand the program.


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    For One credit: Submit one “three page” paper regarding the conference.
    For Two credits: Submit TWO three page papers
    For Three Credits: Submit THREE three page papers

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    Did you ever get an answer from the other program (at UK) about whether they would accept our COETAIL courses towards their degrees (for example their Ph.D.)?

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    Good stuff. For those other two (three?) classes to take (non conference or other online course) where / how do you take? Are they offered online or what…?

    Anyone know?

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    Wendy – I’ve applied to the M.Ed in Educational Leadership through UK (the deadline was May 1). They don’t currently have a partnership with COETAIL but they are interested in forming one. Here’s what Justin Bathon said (@edjurist):
    Transferring: We can transfer in up to 9 credits if there are similarities in our courses/requirements. We do not have a policy on COETAIL credits yet, but a student like yourself would force us to adopt one.


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    Wendy, I did not hear back from University of Kentucky yet. If I hear of anything to add to Lissa’s response, I’ll post back. I did talk to Coetail directly and the word I got is that they are working on an arrangement but nothing is firm and there are no promises at this point. So, instead of waiting for something that might not transpire in the near-future, I’ve decided to pursue the M.S.

    I have a course that I completed this past Feb 2013 that was originally meant for a M.A. I wrote SUNY to see if I could transfer THIS course:

    Here is the reply I received:

    Dear Vivian,

    Such potential transfer credits will require that you obtain a course-by-course transcript evaluation (from WES or Josef Silny) for courses completed from an institution outside of the United States. Only grades of “A” and “B” are accepted, and this is not determined by the Graduate School per say. There must be some indication of this on the evaluation received or otherwise. The credit value will be left up to the result of the transcript evaluation.

    We allow degree candidates the ability to transfer up to 15 credits/5 courses from another fully-accredited institution of higher education. To submit the potential transfer credits, one must first submit his or her Graduate Admission Application and become accepted into the degree program. As soon as the student is accepted, he or she is sent an Application for Degree Candidacy form by our Admissions Coordinator, upon which the potential transfer credits must be included. So long as the courses are not considered extension studies, continuing education and/or professional development credits, [they are] very likely to receive a favorable determination from the Dean of the Graduate School, who ultimately makes the final decision. Of course, they must be relatively recent, as credits must be taken within the 6 years immediately preceding their date of graduation to remain current and valid. The official copy of the transcripts from the previous institution must be sent to our office in a sealed and stamped envelope (sent directly from the previous institution to Buffalo State, SUNY):

    -William Irene

    So, it appears that we can transfer up to 3 courses for U of Kentucky and 5 course for SUNY. I’d be interested in knowing how much of Coetail would be able to transfer to U of Kentucky. Lissa, can you keep us posted on that?

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    Kelsey, that’s a good question and I have no idea what the answer is. I’ll email Sibila to answer that. She’s already chosen the courses that she wants to take and that list I copied and pasted came from her…

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    Sibila came back to me to say that she’s pretty sure the courses are online.

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    Thanks to everyone involved in this thread and all the useful information. I have referred to it many times in attempting to deconstruct this mysterious puzzle of the SUNY ‘M.S.-M.S.’ ;)

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    Administrator, I tried to delete this thread (since I started the discussion thread) but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do it. In light of the fact that SUNY is restructuring, all the information in this discussion thread is no longer valid and might even be misleading Please delete this discussion thread.

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