Posting Videos and Pictures of Students?

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    That is a tough question and one I have avoided asking about really – if I want to use pics of students at school I try to use ones that do not show the complete face, but are side on, looking down or just partials. I certainly do not attach names to the pics.

    Would this be the same as posting pics of complete strangers that we take photographs of that we use on our own sites elsewhere such as flickr and instagram that are taken & used without permission? Or is it more than that? Ethics of online images ….

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      Thanks – I am going to try to get more pictures without faces. That seems like a pretty safe way of posting ethically. :)

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    Every school has different policies around this. Actually in Course 2 we ask you to look at policies like this. I always find it funny that we worry about things like this. Why students themselves…and their parents put images of them all over the web. Not sure where this fear comes from or why…but in course 2 we have you try to change policies like this in your school.

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