Digital Citizenship – Course 1 Final Project

I decided to finish my course 1 talking about digital citizenship. In order to organize my thoughts, it’s easier for me to organize my self in a chronological way. In other words, to start from the beginning, Build from the base.

In my school, my short experience as a tech integrator brought me inside the classrooms to start the year with this topic. It made sense. Students in elementary school have to receive the most basic information first, in a very organized way, from the simple to the complex. Nothing more logic than to start the year by with giving them the ideas of taking care of each other and their own tech tools; being responsible online; learning how to create a strong password and log in their first Gdrive account.

Besides that, when you talk about digital citizenship in schools, you have to refer to Common Sense Midia. It’s a paramount resource when talking about this topic.

That’s why I chose this topic for the end of Course 1. Hope you’ll enjoy it!


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