Flipped About Flipboard

flipboardI’m so excited that COETAIL is getting started. If for no other reason then to try out Flipboard as our “Core Text” moving forward. I wrote a blog post about this awhile ago¬†and since that time we’ve been working on bringing this idea to COETAIL. Flipboard is so visual (course 3) understands the connections (course 1) and allows us to both create and consume. To curate¬†the web in a way to help us make sense of all the information out there, find the good stuff, and change the conversation. That’s our hope…we’ll see how we do. Below is a 22 minute video….it’s long but it goes into my thinking about Flipboard and how you can set it up to use it for your COETAIL journey. This actually might be the best 22 minutes of the entire COETAIL program. :)

6 thoughts on “Flipped About Flipboard

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    Awesome idea, Jeff about the collaborative creation of a class text, teaching curation skills. Along with Flipboard, I’m curious to explore Pinterest in the classroom. Exciting times ahead!

    1. Profile photo of Jeff Utecht

      Thanks! There are already some teachers who are using it in the classroom and loving it. Especially in 1:1 environments game changer I think!

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    Great to see Flipboard in practise. I’ll spread the word. It made my phone / iPad a lot cleaner, meaning lets apps. Almost makes me do the course again too. I’m sure I can still learn a lot and keep updated. Thanks!

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