Teaching Students Search Strategies

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This week’s post comes from Eduro Learning Founder, Jeff Utecht.

To ensure students understand how a Google search result page works, please read Jeff’s blog.


Features of the index search result page:

Important note: Google is constantly changing the way that results are returned. Your results may differ from someone else’s.

  • Quick Overview at the top: definition of the search term
  • Top Stories: relevant, up-to-date stories about your search term
  • Search Index: web page results
  • Advertising/Ads at the top or on the right side: Google’s explanation for the appearance of ads is, “if we think an ad will help you find what you’re looking for, we might show ads on the top of the search page or on the right side. You’ll know if it’s ad and not a search result because of the yellow Ad or Ads icon next to the URL.”
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