Troop Octo

Okay – my post fever brain is on fire right now. That actually doesn’t make any sense, but I am going to go with it. Basically, I am stir crazy and bored from being in bed for three days. Although, I don’t have enough energy to get out.

So instead…

I need some practice with a few of my Google skills and was hoping you all could help me out.

So I started by creating us a Google+ community for our cohort. This is a tool that I would really like to use this school year. It would be used as a place for teachers to post and look at as often or as little as they would like, rather than receiving multiple emails. I was hoping to start small with our group first, then introduce it to my school later. If you want to join me that would be great! Here is the link.

I read this article called A Beginner’s Guide to Google+ Communities and it was really helpful on explaining everything that is possible.

Once I made the Google+ community I realized that we didn’t have a cool team name or anything. I know we are technically “Cohort 8” but I thought “Troop Octo” made us sound a little more intense.

Like it? Hate it? Let me know! We’re a team we need to make this decision together.

So, in our Google+ community, we need a photo. Since we aren’t likely to all be in the same place at the same time, at any point soon, I decided to create us a logo. Have you used Canva before? It’s amazing! I just found out about it this year and have only done two projects on it, but I am fan. I created a party invitation for our end of the year school party and also created a brochure for my friend who has a trekking company. There are many free features, but also you can get a free 30-day PRO trial.


So here is the link to access what I have created so far. I have opened the sharing permissions (I think), so that you all can collaborate on the project with me.

Last but not least, I am interested in Ryan’s suggestion to do a Google Hangout. It would be nice to meet the friendly faces behind all of these blog posts that I am reading. I am more than happy to set that up! Please leave a comment below and I will get back to everyone that is interested.

Happy Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Troop Octo

  1. Nice initiative, Abbi! thank you

    I’m already part of the community!

    the name and logo are great as well. Fine for me!


  2. I would love to do a Hangout.

    We could even maybe do a Hangout Blog post discussion one week where instead of each having a different blog post we get on Hangouts have a live discussion and post that! Ryan would only have to watch 1!

  3. Great to see you taking on some new tools from Google. I hope the G+ Community is a success. It can be a great way to share resources and continue conversations.

    @caryghart That’s an intriguing idea of a Hangouts discussion for a group post. I think all of that has moved to YouTube with the new division of Hangouts into Meet and Chat If you really think you want to try to get that organized lets talk about how it might work.

    I also absolutely love Canva. I use it several times a week and have even used it to create my resume. It is a simple yet powerful tool for creating great looking graphics or promotional materials. I’ve seen lots of teachers use it with their students as well.


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