Course 3 Begins!

What a fantastic weekend! A huge thank you to Andrew Churches for a thought-provoking and engaging weekend of learning here at YIS. Please visit the Authentic Assessment and Digital Media in the Classroom wiki to see all of the fabulous projects our participants created, and to take advantage of the wealth of resources Andrew shared.

This course is intended get us thinking about visual and media literacy, as well as design and creativity, so we have an amazing new co-facilitator, Frank Curkovic (MS/HS Art Teacher here at YIS), joining us.

Since we started off super busy with a weekend workshop and our first Tuesday meeting in the same week (yikes!), we now have a nice long stretch of time to explore, experiment and reflection (and blog!) until our next meeting on March 6th – in the Canteen.

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  1. Its always a pleasure working with your Kim and it was great fun
    many many thanks


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