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Too plain ugly (for the Internet)

Web 2:0… Create, communicate and collaborate.  Just why is my school doing this so badly?  In the name of fairness I won’t mention my schools name here (you will have to delve deeper into this blog to find that) but … Continue reading

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“Making proteins” in a visual way

I have spent the last few weeks focusing on Visual literacy, looking at everything from where people look most often when they view computer screens (top, and a bit to the left – don’t make pages where casual viewers need … Continue reading

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Redesigning the Pentadactyl limb (lesson)

In this post, I will reflect on a presentation I have created and attempt to improve it using better visual presentations techniques, in order to better communicate the message to my audience. When I looked at this CoeTAIL task, I thought that I … Continue reading

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Redesigning the digestive system

I am currently doing both the CoeTAIL course, and a Teaching for understanding (TfU) course through the Harvard Graduate Education Program.  While I am finding the CoeTAIL course way more stimulating, and interesting, I am finding the TfU course a … Continue reading

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