My American Novel students and I survived in tact our Google Lit Trip adventure on the Mississippi (and elsewhere around the world) with Huck, Jim, and Sam Clemens.  I will be assessing the final products this weekend; but I can definitely say that the process of gathering information, formatting, and sharing was not only a challenging project, but also engaging and motivating for the students.  One group forged ahead with the technical production elements much more quickly than any of the other groups; they were able to then share some of their expertise with other groups struggling to make the lit trip work properly. We definitely have some kinks to work out before officially sharing the products online at; but nonetheless, the students have done some pretty incredible things in sharing information and connecting to the life and writings of Twain.  I attempted to insert a link to one of their media files— but the file is 22MB which far exceeds the 3MB limit.   I’m hoping to get some help from the creator Jerome Burg to combine the groups efforts into consolidated lit trips.  Once the files are set, we’ll upload to Burg’s site for the world to see!  In a nutshell, each of my two classes created one littrip related to the novel Huck Finn, and one littrip related to the life and travels of Mark Twain.