My English 9 students need more opportunities to use their target words prior to the vocabulary review test over lessons 1-6 (60 target words), so I tried another Googledoc small group review activity. I assigned groups of 2 or 3; each small group was assigned a mix of target words (2 words from each of the 6 lessons).  They worked together on the Googledoc to create a pratice quiz that I will make available to everyone after I have a chance to look them over for incorrect uses of the target words.  They created a definition matching section (piece of cake, of course); then a multiple choice fill-in-the-blank- section creating their own sentences or modifying sentences from the text; finally, they created a section on using other forms of the words.

The activity took more of class time than I hoped; however, now that they understand the format, they will be able to do this or something similar on future lessons reviews as homework.

Next class I’ll make available on the OLC all the practice quizzes and answer sheets so that they can test themselves at home in preparation for the test.

I think it worked well.  I like that each student used a significant number of target words in several ways and that they can use these shared documents independently to study as needed for the upcoming test. 

Additionally, I will take some questions from the review docs to include in the actual test.