Searching for ideas for collaborative online projects appropriate for English 9 or American Literature, I came across several projects that notably caught my attention as potentially useful in my classroom.

The site has many excellent resources, some collaborative in nature, of those, some in which online technology is integral to learning. Three were of special interest:

1.  A Collaboration of Sites and Sounds: Using Wikis to Catalog Protest Songs

2.   Giving Voice to Students Through “This I Believe” Podcasts

3.  Exploring The Prologue to The Canterbury Tales using Wikis

YES! I found the paragraph/font size/heading options :)

I also found some interesting possible online collaborative projects at  Global School Network.  Several projects were potentially appropriate for my curriculum; however, the project registrations were either full or already in progress.

By far the most interesting and exciting project option I reviewed is the Flat Classroom™ Project Flat Classroom Project  

As I looked through the parameters of the project, I was struck by a reminder of a collaborative online project proposal I had worked on with a former Minnesota colleague three years ago.  Unfortunately, at the last minute, his teaching assignment changed and we were unable to find the common goals necessary for the project to work; we had originally planned to set up online discussion boards and media productions related to common literature. 

 The Flat Classroom offered essentially the same opportunity for my students to work collaboratively online with students elsewhere on the planet; consequently, I quickly completed the basic registration form for the project! I look forward to making this project a reality with my American Novel and Short Story classes because the project content meshes perfectly with the short story element of my course curriculum- students have been studying great American short stories-creating some digital and traditional short stories of their own.  This project will allow my students to extend their application, creation, and discussion of the power of story in wonderful new ways.