About Me

TIMOTHY PETTINE | Teacher, Coach, and Innovation Specialist, Tim Pettine currently is the
Technology Director at 
Ruamrudee International School in Bangkok, Thailand.  Cartoon imageA passionate learner, Tim assists teachers in transforming their instructional design and practice. He has been an educator for nineteen years (ten internationally) and holds degrees in Humanities & Educational Technology. Additionally, Tim is the Bangkok cohort instructor of the highly regarded COETAIL program and has presented workshops and conducted teacher trainings focused on 21st century teaching and learning. He is certified in Google Apps for Education with additional qualifications in IB Pscyhology and AP Psychology. Tim’s interests are his family/friends, horseracing, sports, boating, & travel. Please follow Tim on Twitter @timpettine

I believe in:

  • fantasy sports as form of therapy.
  • the value of a 21st century curriculum.
  • establishing relationships based on trust and collegiality.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers football as being the model for all other NFL teams.
  • the next generation.
  • the power of family and friendships.
  • betting a horse who switches turf to dirt and turns back in distance.
  • my wife.
  • compromise.
  • one persons capacity to make a difference.

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