I just finished my Course 5 Video, now off to Bali for Spring Break

I will write more of a post when I get back from Spring Break in Bali.  Here is my clip though.  Let me know...

Check our Our E-Portfolio Blogs

This year I had big dreams about vamping up our reflective E-Portfolio blog program.  E-Portfolios are something that we have been doing at AISC...

Collaborative To Do Lists: Get the ToDoist App

I just found this great app called Todoist.  I am a habitual todo list maker.  I make one at least every day on paper,...

Reflections on the @CommonSense Teacher Certification Training.

I want to thank Robin Treyvaud and the tech crew from SIS for coming all the way to Chennai this Saturday to train 50...
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Cool Countdown Timer

The First Annual AISC Stem fest is coming up soon.  I created this nifty Weebly site to showcase what we are doing. It has...
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The Secret to Flipping Your Classroom

Yesterday I had a wonderful coaching session with one of my middle school Spanish teachers.  She’s been trying out flipping her classroom with great...
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A Short Guide to Making Cool Infographics

One of my teachers wanted me to create a presentation on the best practices of creating Infographics.  His kids will be comparing the Native...
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Why Should Teachers Blog.. a little poem

Share, Connect  and Reflect Curate, Debate, and Ideate Express yourself Inspire greatness Get your ideas read Expand that Brain in your Head
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Using Vine in the Classroom

So today I had this really short conversation with one of my teachers, Ross, about his COETAIL project.  I hope this post encourages him...

A 5 course E-Portfolio Meal

My course 5 project is going to be like a 5 course meal.  There are several components and I’m excited for all of them...