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Student collaboration and social growth

  In A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink  proposes that, in the near future, many  jobs will be dominated by empathy and collaborative creative skills. Outsourcing will continue to re-distribute jobs around the globe and Web 2.0 tools will connect … Continue reading

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Digital Duty of Care

It is the job of job parents and teachers to teach cyber safety skills to children. Without these skills, Cyberland is a risky place with some dangerous people hiding behind false identities lurking in the shadows. As a father with … Continue reading

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Digital Privacy…are we over-reacting? Or reacting too late?

I’ve always been a very private person. We live in a volatile world where even our nationality can make us targets. My vigilance in the real-world extends to my behavior online. Information can be powerful and potentially destructive. I use … Continue reading

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