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“Photography in Painting – Cheating or Intelligent Tech-Integration ? ” – an inter-department Blog forum plan

Hi fellow Visual Educators,                                                                        This is a call for artistic debate ……..  I’m starting a BLOG to stimulate critical thinking in my high school Intro to Art & Photography classes.  I want them to begin a series of inter-student /cross curricular … Continue reading

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Creativity in Extremis – a Product Design lesson plan

During a discussion about creativity on the last day of Coetail 1 on Saturday Oct 8, I said creativity is a luxury afforded to those wealthy enough to have leisure time. Jason Coleman made the wise counter argument that quite … Continue reading

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Final Project & How has Coetail changed my ideas about 21st Century Teaching ?

Here is my Final Project  :-  John Oliver Coetail course 1 ADE 634 Final Project I thought I already used tech quite well in my Art & Photography classes, but this course has opened my eyes to so many new … Continue reading

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Shutterfly – Speed-geek presentation

  For my Speed-geek presentation on 10/5/11 , I chose to introduce shutterfly . This web-based company provides cloud-based photo-storage , photo printing onto everything from cups to jigsaw puzzles and , most interestingly of all,  photo-book design and printing.Their prices seem very reasonable, making … Continue reading

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2nd Response to Geeking Out – subtitle : Tech Integration in Photography class (Lesson Plan idea # 2)

I’ve been synthesizing a lot of new information & teaching approaches which I’ve encountered during this Coetail course. After reading the MacArthur Foundation’s “Geeking Out ” , I can see how young people thrive on the the responses of their contemporaries. … Continue reading

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Response to Speed Geek presentations 28th Sept 2011 AES

My cohorts & I had been asked to investigate, learn and devise authentic teaching/learning uses for a web 2.0 tool of which we had no previous knowledge .Then for this class, six students repeatedly made 5 minute presentations of their interpretation … Continue reading

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Response to “Messing Around ” subtitle- Tech-integration in Home-learning

After reading Messing Around , I’ve been finding examples of child experts all around me , on campus and at home… I’ve  got two young sons age 7 + 10. Trying to encourage them to practice Math is always a … Continue reading

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Exercise & brain power

 Another Coetail cohort member, Brent Fullerton, mentioned this superb link to Brain Rules   by  John Medina. Summed up, it claims that exercise increases oxygen supply to the brain and increases neuron creation ! As a total layman, these terms don’t … Continue reading

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