My hopes & expectations for this course

Primarily,I’m doing this course because it’s part of the Buffalo State Masters degree program & so I’m doing every course they offer.

However I have a particular interest in this course as I really want to create a powerful e-portfolio. I feel this is very important for future employers on other continents.

My online footprint is invisible ! There were 85 million results to a google search for my name…none of them mentioned me ! So I want to change that & give future employers a way to find out about me when I apply for a job.

Marc Prensky would say I was a “digital immigrant” and  I feel like I’m being left behind as colleagues discuss class topics with students ( “digital natives”) using blogs & wikis. I should be using that technology in my classroom.

I like what Will Richardson says in ” World Without Walls ” : “These tools are allowing us to not only mine the wisdom & experiences of the more than one billion people now online but also to connect with them to further our understanding of the global experience & do good work together.” This is how colleagues seem to use blogging – their students post a short story ,for example, and their classmates all read & comment on the blog before the next class. The idea that students feel relaxed about this makes it seem like the perfect tool for discussing the work of students & professional artists. I’m intrigued by the possibilities of this type of open discussion & the range of new ideas it could produce.

The ideas discussed in “Genres of Participation with new Media ” by the MacArthur Foundation echo this. If young people are happiest when networked , then we should be able to tap into that energy for productive idea generation & discussion. Hopefully by encouraging their involvement in class blogs/wikis, we can create a work ethos which is a natural extension of how they already operate socially. 

I want to be a part of this process, so I hope this class can introduce me to creative blogging, wikis & Voicethread.

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3 Responses to My hopes & expectations for this course

  1. Good thoughts on bridging the gap between social and school. I worry sometimes about overwhelming students with things like reading and commenting on others students work outside of class. I am looking forward to the discussion around this in the coming weeks.

    • Avatar of John Oliver John Oliver says:

      I understand your concern about student stress. However, commenting on other student work doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We only need to ask them to respond to one piece of work by another student. This would still encourage critical thinking and constructive criticsm.

  2. Nicki says:

    Hi John,
    I have just stumbled on your blog, and wondered if you were also on twitter? I have been trying to connect with other art teachers who blog and am also hoping to undertake COETAIL in the near future. I have a personal art blog, but am working on my school based one as it is proving so useful to my students! Here is the personal one – forgive its infancy: link to
    Hope we can connect!

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