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First response to “Geeking Out ” – Visual communication skills for Digital Natives

I’ve recently read “Geeking Out”  . There are many  references to young people actively seeking out others who share their intellectual interests. I marvelled at the complex video editing skills  mentioned  – the results of many hours of blogging & experimentation. They … Continue reading

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Physical connections in the Digital Age

I’ve recently read Marc Prensky’s “Adopt and Adapt : Shaping Tech for the Classroom”  . I agree that we are “doing old things in new ways” . I think this is wonderful from an educators perspective. Now I can video my students … Continue reading

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Transferable skills in Art & Photography education

Whilst reading the various blogs & articles suggested by my COETAIL instrtuctors, I’ve been wondering how can I encourage adaptability & transferability of skills learned in my Art & Photo classes ? Students themselves prove their ease of transfering learning techniques from … Continue reading

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My hopes & expectations for this course

Primarily,I’m doing this course because it’s part of the Buffalo State Masters degree program & so I’m doing every course they offer. However I have a particular interest in this course as I really want to create a powerful e-portfolio. … Continue reading

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My comfort level with technology & information literacy

I’m very comfortable using a lot of tech in my classroom. The digital camera, computer, Wacom pen & Photoshop are cornerstones of my teaching practice in Art & Photography .Using digital tools has always enhanced the learning experience of my students. I also use … Continue reading

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