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    New Online Payment System

    Pretty excited about this! Hoping this saves both you and us some time in getting payments processed and access to your courses. Either watch the quick 2 minute video or follow these simple steps. 1. Log into the COETAIL Site 2. Head to
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    Back in the Saddle: Summer Updates

    As a new school year gets started for most of you here in the COETAIL community, I wanted to wish you all a wonderful school year. I'm already looking forward to your reflections as you take on another year being an educator. Some of you have alre
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    "...the end of the beginning"

    I would not have guessed back on January 22 of 2013, as I typed my first COETAIL blogpost, that I would begin this ending blogpost (five courses and 38 blogposts later) with a fractured quote from Winston Churchill. As I reflect over these last fe
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    Full Tilt Into Design Thinking

    [caption id="attachment_302" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Getting our ideas (many!) on the wall as part of the Design Thinking process.[/caption] This past week I was lucky enough to participate in four days of Design Thinking workshops given
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    More Ninja than Cookie

    cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Derek This blogpost is a crosspost from the Coetail Coaches Blog. As I cruise through some of the first blog posts of our new Coetailers, there is a common theme running through many of them. Pe
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    Edu for a new Era?

    What are schools of the 'future' starting to look like? In the Netherlands more than 10 "Steve Jobs" schools have starting teaching according to the principles of the O4NT, or Onderwijs voor een nieuwe tijd (Education for a new era), which emph
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    The interactive story as metaphor for COETAIL Course 5

    [caption id="attachment_260" align="alignleft" width="937"] interactive treasure hunt game CUB gr4 - screenshot by AReed - you are free to copy, distribute, transmit, and adapt the work[/caption] The above screenshot is how Course 5 officially beg
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    Taking the Leap: Thinking about Course 5

    This is it. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300"] CC Licenc[/caption] This is the moment in COETAIL where you are set free to show what you've learned, show your classroom, show your learning, and show your students' learning. This blog p
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    Environment for Success

    Creating a balanced environment for learning is delicate and needs to embrace the differences between students, teachers and the physical environment. This year at our school the only constant we have had has been the teacher.  As with all new sc
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    Here a Mooc, there a Mooc, here a Tweet, there a Tweet...

      Coetail Course 4 Week 4: Connectivism Learning Theory Assignment 4:  Will education as we know it change because of technology? Where and how will you be teaching in 5, 10, 15 years time?  How does connectivism apply in your cla
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    Digital management: or, How I learned to stop worrying and love the device

    Let me see, some way for teachers to ensure that digital devices are being properly used, monitored, and managed in classrooms? Hmmmm, Dr. Strangelove, do we have anything like that in the works? cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by F
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    eBooks and Avatars T Minus 4

    [youtube]http://youtu.be/39G0dqCpuq0[/youtube] If you have been reading my prior blogs, you might be concerned that I have left out reading as a core library focus. Rest assured books and literature will remain as the cornerstone in this innovatio
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    Artistic and Visual Intelligence T Minus 5

    [youtube]http://youtu.be/PEBM_uijme0[/youtube] Each year we have high school students helping us to create Read Posters of our faculty which we then place on the walls of the library. Full disclosure, we had to switch to an adult photographer to m
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    Playing in the Classroom

    I have to say, among the many 'tech in ed' jargons I have heard in Coetail, 'gamification' is one that I have not heard used a lot before reading all those articles.  So here's how I understand gamification in education. How I understand gami
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    The Early Elementary McTwist

    [caption id="attachment_239" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Photo Credit: Hani Amir via Compfight cc[/caption] A McTwist is a snowboard, skateboarding move where the rider does a 540 (one and a half turns) while upside down. This picture does n
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    Need another reason for why tech education is important?

    * s i g h * After THIS inane debacle -- by the country that is host to some of the most sophisticated technology and successful tech companies in the world -- we may never really need to make much of an argument for the need for technology in educ
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    What's on the Horizon?

    Each year,the New Media Consortium, the Consortium for School Networking and the the International Society for Technology in Education produce the Horizon Report, with one report on K-12 Education and additional reports on higher education and on
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    A few more things on Gamification

    It's great to see in your blogs so many of you embracing gamification and an equal number (or more?) of you struggling with gamification. That should be the space we are in during this course. Two more quick things about gamification as we wrap up we
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    Starting to put it all together

    cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Alexander Henning Drachmann What am I going to do this school year -- in terms of technology -- that will help my art students to learn and grow? In terms of education generally, we hope we've move
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    COETAIL Coaches Idea

    During the Learnign2 COETAIL Meet Up we asked those that attended how we can improve COETAIL. Marcello Mongardi from Oman along with others asked “What’s next”? It was a great questions that Kim and I weren’t really thinking about but now are
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    We’ve Got Badges!

    The badge movement in education is something I have been following and wanted to implement into COETAIL and I’m exciting to say we finally have. We are working with Mozilla Open Badges to allow participants to receive a badge that they can display
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    The Ancestor Of Stringed Musical Instruments !

    Definition A musical instrument is a device created or adapted to make musical sounds. In principle, any object that produces sound can be a musical instrument—it is through purpose that the object becomes a musical instrument. History The
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    Fear, Courage, Creativity and Learning

    One of the last acts of Learning 2.013 in Singapore was Jeff Utecht's talk about taking on something seemingly impossible in your learning environment. What is your Moon Shot? he asked. I felt pretty comfortable running through the options in my mind
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    Re-visualizing myself

    cc licensed ( BY ND ) flickr photo shared by David Blackwell. COETAIL course 3 comes to a close. I'm not sure why I'm drawn to this opening semi-apocalyptic image at this point.  But I can think of two possibilities: one, it's easily the mos
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    "Back to School Night" Presentation Makeover Using Zen Design Principles

    As suggested by Jeff Utech at the beginning of the course, I tried to use my new skills to rework the back-to-school night presentation with the hope that it would save me some time at the beginning of the school year next year. By combining betwe
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    Collaborative Remix

    Remix and Fair Use:    In his article : “On the Freedoms of Remix Creators”, Lawrence Lessig responds to some of the critics who argued on his 5 to 10 minutes short opening speech, on a panel at Vimeo’s Festival+Awards. The title of the panel
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    Remix culture has long been a staple in art class

    When making artwork, where do students' ideas come from? Often they come from the things they know and like. Kids know a lot about dinosaurs, so they draw dinosaurs. Kids love princesses and Transformers, so kids make princesses and Transformers. And
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    Final Project Course 3 - Ubiquitous Learning

    Finally..!! I’ve made videos before, many times.. but this time it was a bit different. Usually, I just searched the materials that I liked, downloaded images from google, videos or song from Youtube, then simply incorporated them into a remixed vi
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    Feel the Fear...and then what?

    [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="240"] Some rights reserved by anguila40[/caption] I have never believed in fear.  Or regret.  I still don’t believe in regret; it’s a useless emotion that often leads to guilt.  That doesn’t mean I
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    Video Project: Not Quite a Tutorial

    For the video project in COETAIL course 3, I tinkered with the idea of creating a tutorial, a video how-to demonstrating some steps in a technical process. Instead, I decided to make something a little less dry, and a little less useful! (I'm not sur
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    Zen Presentation

    This is a presentation I started for an international festival the school was to be attending. When we were talking about what we were going to display, I suggested that we put out iPads with a photo slide show. The idea was for people to come up and
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    The right track

    In an earlier post, I mentioned that the teachers at my school have been working with NoTosh to incorporate Design Thinking into our school curriculum. During our professional development workshops in August we learned more about what Design Thinki
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    BIFF: Busan International Film Festival: A Digital Story

    As I have promised in my previous post on digital story telling Fly, Fly Away….with Digital Storytelling I am adding a movie which I created using iMovie. I will not spend much time writing about it- I hope that you enjoy it. The movie is about 
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    Cource 3 Final Project: The HEISZ NATION Science Experience

      It's done. For this Digital Storytelling project, I decided to create a video highlighting what my science program is all about. I've collected a huge amount of photos and video from all kinds of activities from every course over the yea
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    I remixed a remix, it was back to normal

    An option to use remixing in a class for me would be to present students with classic product design like the following eames lounge chair. Their task is to remix or redesign the product to reflect their own design aesthetic. This would be done with
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    presentation aesthetic

    Design technology hopefully encourages students to develop their own design aesthetic which will continually evolve with exposure to new designs and styles. I use presentations to outline sections of design portfolios and my presentations similarly e
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    Proudly Presenting From the Bottom of My Heart, "A Glimpse of Myanmar"

    In my previous blog post “Hard to Let Go,” I mentioned that I came to understand how hard it was to let go. Unable to let go of the images searched for Zen presentation assignment, I was inspired to create this digital story “A Glimpse of Myanm
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    Course 3 Final Project - Amateur Tutorial Videos

    It was a bit embarrassing but I did it. I created blogger tutorial videos and they all include my face!  :P This was an exciting project for me because I absolutely love editing videos.  But I did want to challenge myself a little bit with th
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    Readers Read

    How do we assess students' independent reading? Conferences: "What are you reading?" Reading responses: "Let's make a book trailer!" Reading logs: "Each day, we will read at school. Each day, we will read at home. Each day, before you read,
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    A New Way of Looking At Things

    Sometimes ya just need a fresh perspective. I've been reading up on the "Remix Culture" that is becoming more and more mainstream as I write. The basic idea is that you take an existing piece of work and break it up, overlay it, underlay it, chunk
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    An Infographic on Infographic

    When I read the title, Course 3 Week 5: Infographics and Data Visualization, I casually presumed “infographics as visuals and graphs that present information.” Wikipedia defines “Information graphics or infographics as graphic visual representa
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    Data visualization to show and consolidate learning

    This week  has been focused on data visualization and reflecting on how we can incorporate data vizualisation in our teaching.  I am a firm believer that visual data can be very powerful as a communicative tool.  I loved the examples of dynamic di
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    angolan clips

    I used the video floating around my iphoto to put together a short clip in imovie. Great fun stitching shots of friends together. This is the first time I have used imovie and the interface is brilliantly intuitive. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com
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    Fly, Fly Away....with Digital Storytelling

    Having to work on a digital storytelling (video) had seemed as a daunting task, that I have not been looking forward to, over the last couple of weeks. However, as I was working on a 'slideshow' through Roxio Photo Show, a few of our readings from we
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    Pie charts in art class??

    cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Kevin Trotman The opportunity to create an infographic for art class is a good thing. It actually would help me get across a point to students (and adults alike) that I struggle to make at times. 
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    Stepping out collaboratively ...

    What I find interesting about many of the new technologies are that they are intentionally collaborative. We are constantly bombarded with how to be, and the importance of being, collaborative. So much so that it is considered a 21st skill by the Cen
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    Selling Research -- Course 3 Final Project

    Last week I posted an infographic about the "Simple Seven" research process I created. I was asked to present the process to the faculty here at our school, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to tell a digital story of why we need
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    Digital Family History

    I came across an awesome 3-D digital timeline creator Tiki-Toki.  To test it out I created a brief snapshot of my family's journey overseas.   After showing my science classes this example, a group of students decided to try it out t
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    I'm even boring myself now...

    Video games are something I feel pretty strongly about (look back a few posts for why). For the first two years of our school, we have a had a very strict, very restrictive policy on video games. As one would expect, this lead to many behavioral issu
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    Blooms Site

    I found the article and site on New Bloom’s Taxonomy Digitally by Andrew Churches (Tech & Learning) very interesting. It offers a great set of resources to use if one wants to access them.  I agree that one does not need to start at the bottom
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    Did you watch it?  The finale of all finales?... ... ... Do you even know what I'm talking about?  If you don't, it's cool.  It's only a matter of time before you decide to binge-watch all 5 seasons of the best TV show in television history, Break
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    Not just for kids. I'm a technology coach at my school and my colleagues and I sent out an interest survey to gauge what our teachers wanted/needed. Instead of sharing with them the boring Google Spreadsheet, we threw the results into an infographic
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    Saigon Cohort 2 Starting January 2014!

    Thanks for all the interest in COETAIL Cohort 2! [caption id="attachment_32" align="alignright" width="270"] image by kevin dooley[/caption] Right now I am gauging the level of interest for opening a new COETAIL Saigon Cohort which will be SSIS
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    Reaching student for those doesn't have Internet.

    I gave training on Application Software for many times for different trainee and student. Most of the time I am giving short introduction, steps on how to use, and practical demonstration, I never used any video tutorials for my class or training tha
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    Is A Diorama An Infographic? Or Is An Inforgraphic A Diorama?

    Love diorama's. Loved building them in class. Along with poster board presentations, they were early forms of infographics. Infographics before computers. Infographics for the luddite. In case your board this weekend, here is a great way to pass 6-48
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    1.4 Evolve or Die

    "Accept your fate, or it will drag you." So wrote Boethius in The Consolation of Philosophy around 524. Our students - digital natives, hypersocial, messing around and geeking out - constitute our fate (Living and Learning with New Media). A succ
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    Learning, Digitally-Powered

    What has been your most formative networked-learning experience? Korea Google Summit 2013 may top my list. It was: Knowledge in the network. The power of digital. Learning connected. When learning is entertaining, when we're entertained
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    Week 3: So Many Tools

    Can someone define for me what are the essential technological tools to be successful? Does it really matter if you're proficient at blogging, or navigating the Internet or an avid twitter user or can remember how to C++ programme? Or is it our appro
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    Breaking Bonds

    Our Humanities team is highly collaborative. Bi-weekly, we plan the ideas for our lessons together and then determine who will create which tasks for the week. This means you are planning the crux of a lesson for several people several times througho
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    The Revival of Storytelling

    I asked several people whether they know storytellers and if what story kept in their mind. Some of the answers: “My grandfather always told us stories.” or “I had an aunt. She always told us about her life when she was young.” or “My fathe
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    ICS swim Team Preparation (Infogrpahic)

    On this infographic information I have tried to demonstrate the ICS Swim team's preparation and precaution for the swim meet.The ICS Swim Team is going to travel to Uganda for ISSEA swim meet in November 22nd 2013. As a coach I tend to give different
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    Maybe the internet isn't so bad...

    It's Saturday. This was my day today: 6:00 am: In bed. Hating my alarm clock. 6:30 am: Hop on a motorbike to go to school. Hating myself for forgetting my computer on Friday afternoon. 7:00 am: Arrive at McDonald's to meet Rhiannon and Rob.
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    Friends and Heroes

    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGPosIw2JSE[/youtube]             A friend is someone you confide in, you share similar interests with and who will always be there for you. A friend listens t
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    Completely Finished

    I am a fan of puns and such word plays. In simple terms, we can use them to elaborate facts and notions. Such use also shows the aesthetic value of a language, which is quite good for teaching vocabulary and difficult concepts in a way that is humoro
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    Going Back in Time

    [caption id="attachment_71" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Photo Credit: jasonEscapist via Compfight cc[/caption] I'm not going to lie.  I was real jealous of the person who took this picture above... just because he got to drive next to a DeLo
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    Powers of powers

    I don't know if it's iOS 7-induced vertigo or what, but I keep feeling like I'm zooming in and out. [caption id="attachment_131" align="alignnone" width="576"] Image CC licensed by Martina Oefelein, via Flickr[/caption] From my last few posts f
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    Lost in Translation Through Powerpoint

    Reflecting back on all the content that I had included in my PPT-based lessons/presentations, I can't help but think that it is kinda like the meaning of the term 'Lost in Translation"- and I am NOT referring to the movie- just speaking in general te
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    Digital storytelling in art class

    In art class we often discuss the idea of non-verbal (i.e. visual) communication. We ask "Can you communicate visually?", "Can you tell a story without words?". [caption id="attachment_183" align="alignleft" width="1000"] Chalk-storybook-cover-by-
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    Infographics for library report

    After coetail 3 I have started thinking how I could use infographic for library report. Most of the time I am using MS excel for making graphic report. Since first week of coetail over, I tried how we library professional con make use of the technolo
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    "May You Live in Interesting Times" (Literacies in the English Classroom)

    Here's where it starts to get tricky. What place, if any, does visual literacy have in the English classroom? "Ay, there's the rub! For in that sleep of death..." no wait, getting off topic... It seems to me that we can basically approach visual l
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    From League of Legends to Shakespeare: Why "Geeking Out" Makes Our Jobs Easier

    My 10th grade English students just finished creating short public service announcements in which they could argue and persuade their audience about anything they wanted-- whatever they were passionate about. Now this is a group with a LOT of pers
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    Sharing Intellectual Property

    Pecha Kucha is a style of presenting that involves Powerpoint or a similar type of slide show, but that's not all. What differentiates Pecha Kucha from other presentations is that it consists of exactly 20 slides showing for exactly 20 seconds each.
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    Course 2 Final Project

    With three colleagues across the two primary campuses of our school in Ho Chi Minh City  we have discussed and wrote an AUP for our school. We will present this to the SLT in the hope that they will adopt it across the school. It is not meant to be
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    Cyber Trolls...

    [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="297"] Hannah Smith driven to suicide by trolls on social media.[/caption] Over the summer holidays when I visited my home in Leicestershire, in the UK,there was the shocking and saddening story of Hannah S
  • Avatar of Trent Citrano

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    Sharing our Visual Stories is the Key

    I continue to be amazed at the openness of people in sharing their ideas and resources online.  This is truly the key and future (present?) of learning, I'm convinced.  The sharing. Take Adam Levine as an example.  The man has created his 50+
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    Can't we all just get along?

    Technology is great tool for communication, provided it’s not used as a tool for harassment! Cyber bullying is steadily taking over the normal school yard bully that I grew up with as a teenager. By using the Internet and cell phones, the bully(s)
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    Learning as a way of being...

     Sharing ideas from Connectivism: Learning Theory for the Digital Age.  1. Learning must be a way of being... "Learning must be a way of being – an ongoing set of attitudes and actions by individuals and groups that they employ to try to keep
  • Avatar of Karen Wilson

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    Imagining their world: Images and ESL Students

    As someone who is embarrassingly monolingual, I have the upmost admiration for the many students that I teach who are not only learning a second language, but who are also learning in that second language. As an ESL teacher, I am sometimes called
  • Avatar of Devita Villanueva

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    Visual Imagery

    According to the article written by John Medina about Brain Rules, “We are incredible at remembering pictures. Hear a piece of information, and three days later you’ll remember 10% of it. Add a picture and you’ll remember 65%.” Visual imager
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    One of the ninth grade homeroom classes in school recently organized a CANSTRUCTION project. They called out to all teachers and students across the grades to each contribute a can of tomatoes and a can of Spam. The Grade 9 students collaboratively b
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    A Story of Chance Encounters-Pecha Kucha Style

    Pecha Kucha is a style of presenting that was developed in Japan in 2003.  With this style, one gets 6 minutes and 40 seconds to tell their story.  No more, no less. The format is 20 images x 20 seconds.  Each slide is up on the screen for 20 sec
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    The design of storytelling

    Presentation Zen: Connecting to my prior knowledge The first article I read for this week's assignment was "The power of the visual: Learning from Down Under promotion videos" by Garr Reyonlds of Presentation Zen.  I immediately thought of one of
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    "Breaking a Generation of Cyberbullies"

    (image courtesy of http://www.ilmondodipatty.it/ 2010 - Kika) It has become commonplace to associate children and the internet with some story of the “cyberbullies”, a seemingly far away villainous child who takes great pleasure in torturing
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    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

    It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness... the famous lines I must attribute as the intellectual property of Charles Dickens.  In many ways, such a period is so much like the one we live in. [caption id="" align="alignright" width
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    What's Your Point...?

    [caption id="attachment_66" align="alignleft" width="320"] Image from www.gamespot.com[/caption] Really that's what PechaKucha is all about, isn't it? Getting to the point. In Daniel Pink's article we learn the story behind PechaKucha, and its ev
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    Infographics Then and Now

    The infographics concept started many years ago (before the internet) much for the same purposes as today – to explain a concept visually for understanding and flair. Businesses used infographics to enhance brochures and various marketing materials
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    Visual Chart

    This tool is super cool, bubbl.us.  You can click on the bubbles to expand the information.  This function enables the presenter the ability to open discussion one step at a time without overloading the audience. Very easy to use and embed i
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    Presentation 101

    This is such an awesome article on presentation.  And I agree with the author when he says that, it is really difficult to judge the quality of a presentation without any knowledge of the context.  It is almost like teaching.  Depending on ho
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    Getting Visual

    Taking a look around my classroom, I wouldn't describe it as visually appealing.  At the start of the year, words dominate my room instead of images.  These are very important words, typically related to learning outcomes for the IB and IGCSE class
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    Round Two: 20% Projects in the World Language Classroom

    [caption id="attachment_17" align="aligncenter" width="216"] First project turned in. Love how she spells Veinte.[/caption] Two years ago I first experimented with 20% Time in my DP I Spanish class.  I had just read Angela Maiers' A Passion-Driv
  • Avatar of richardk

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    Careful, You Could Get Arrested

    I think any person who knows what cyber bullying  is, could have the potential to be a bully. These people also might already have an idea of what bullying can do to a persons life. It can take away innocence, identity, passions, and more. One way t
  • Avatar of Darren Laverick

    Darren Laverick wrote a tagged post :

    What Do You Notice?

    Geronimo Stilton is a popular children’s author. In Grade 3 his books are especially interesting because the typography for an emergent reader is varied and interesting. We decided to use this as inspiration for an IT lesson on presenting Learning
  • Avatar of Kim Cofino

    Kim Cofino wrote a tagged post :

    Week 3: Finding Your Voice

    Welcome to Week 3! As we enter week 3, by now you should have: read and completed all the units up to Week 3 in the "my courses" tab written at least 2 blog posts commented on at least 2 blog posts from either our cohort or around the web
  • Avatar of Mick Huiet

    Mick Huiet wrote a tagged post :

    Help! I've fallen into another rabbit hole and can't get out!

    [caption id="attachment_96" align="alignmiddle" width="200"] Rule of Thirds by MHuiet[/caption] [caption id="attachment_95" align="alignmiddle" width="200"] Photographer Unknown (via www.KULfoto.com)[/caption] I will get to the imag
  • Avatar of Tracey Van De Veire

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    Book Buddies 2013

    Reverse Inclusion in Classroom 127 The following is my attempt to create a video (from photos) and a voice over using the iMovie for the first time.  After a couple of trials with some of the photos and trying to understand the program, I began t
  • Avatar of Jo Harvey-Wilcox

    Jo Harvey-Wilcox wrote a tagged post :

    Thrown a Curve Ball - The Move to England

    I am so late in starting my blogs for course 3.  My own fault. I have done much of the reading but somehow have lost my mojo. As a intrapersonal learner I have found my enthusiasm significantly impacted by the lack of face to face contact.  This is
  • Avatar of Nick Corben

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    Video - the love/hate relationship

    A parent of one of my students spoke with me at lunchtime a few days ago and said, “My daughter really enjoyed watching all those YouTube videos you posted.” I thanked her and went back to work, on my computer. Yes, I must admit, I do like pos
  • Avatar of Julie Conley

    Julie Conley wrote a tagged post :

    The Power of Pictures

    [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="410"] Some rights reserved by ElizabethHudy[/caption] Brain Rule # 10: Vision Trumps all other senses   - John Medina   The connection between memory and visual imagery is powerful.   In his b
  • Avatar of Caitlin Munson

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    Going Backwards

    I seriously can't believe that September is almost over and week 4 of school (and course 3) is about to begin.  It has been a bit busy since I arrived back in Milan 5 weeks ago!  I decided to help out with our new staff orientation this year.  Bei
  • Avatar of Cathy Kemp

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    After attending the first class of the 2nd COETAIL course, I really started thinking about the magnitude of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying happens when a minor is harassing another minor through the use of electronic devices. In this digital age, we ar
  • Avatar of Mark-Anthony

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    Words slashed, content in pictures

    This year the EAL department will be hosting our annual Parent EAL Workshop. As with any presentation and school year we should continue to evolve our skills and fine-tune our practice. Looking at the visual appeal from last year in a 1-10 score
  • Avatar of Louise van Steveninck

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    No man is an island

    John Donne wrote this, in 1624, as a Meditation. He was writing during a time of huge discovery - scientific, geographic, astronomical. I remember as a teenager being profoundly struck by this sentiment, by the reassuring affirmation of our need for
  • Avatar of Marion Statton

    Marion Statton wrote a tagged post :

    How to see what we hear - Visualizing sound

    I just love this visualization of Musical Texture by Dave Conservatoire  [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ak4qezdv4ZU[/youtube] I have long been a scribbler - I find it difficult to explain a concept without a pencil and paper. I use al
  • Avatar of Alisa Scudamore

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    infographics in the art classroom

    Art is not a subject that sees a lot of data, but it's essentially the first form of representing information visually, right? So infographics make a natural addition to a visual art classroom for obvious reasons.  I appreciate how infographic
  • Avatar of Verena Zimmer

    Verena Zimmer wrote a tagged post :

    Great to visualize “Visual Literacy” in my mind!

    It’s my 4th year as a language teacher at a PYP (Primary Years Programme) school now and I’m still learning. Sure, an online course “Making the PYP happen” 3 years ago got me into this curriculum but the real learning is happening in school a
  • Avatar of Marion Statton

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    The Farmers' Dance - interpreting music of another culture

    Those of us who live in Seoul have just experienced a week of the most perfect weather and what made it truly excellent was that it occurred over the Chuseok break so we had our days free to enjoy it. I spent my time hiking Ansan, the mountain that p
  • Avatar of Heather R

    Heather R wrote a tagged post :

    Is everything as we see it?

    [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="200"] Chicken on the road[/caption] Having browsed on the suggesting reading for week 2, there was something still nagging in the back of my mind. Reading images: an introduction to visual literacy by Thib
  • Avatar of Clare Demnar

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    Slides, slides, slides...

    So I reflected one particular slide from a recent presentation we gave to parents to see how I could improve it. Garr Reynold's analysis on slide presentation certainly made some great comparisons of slides and questioned the best way for the infor
  • Avatar of Lauren Jackson

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    Remixing Fun

    Mashups, Cut-ups & Remixes This kind of playing with text is usually a lot of fun for my students and myself. I should do it more and have the playing be more open-ended. In the past, I've had students create things like journals, Facebook pag
  • Avatar of Melanie Smith

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    Realizing the Power of Remix

    Remix culture gives me a topic in which I can explore a broader concept with my students.   I love having conversations with freshmen about connections.  Students consistently ask why we study math or history or science and it opens up a dialog tha
  • Avatar of Ross Brown

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    REMIXING [caption id="attachment_96" align="alignleft" width="252"] Some rights reserved[/caption] Again we seem to come across further barriers in the use of technology as an effective teaching tool. As technology is opening the world of infor
  • Avatar of Jeff Layman

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    Presenting on Presentations

    Good timing. Course 3 in COETAIL is great to have at the beginning of the school year. The visual literacy and presentation design techniques are things you use daily as a teacher and now we get to maximize that use over the course of the school year
  • Avatar of Caroline Scott

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    I Choose Facebook

    I can still recall a conversation that I had with my brother a number of years ago when we were discussing Facebook's rapid ascent into popular culture. We were leaving a theatre after watching a play and there were two friends saying goodbye to ea
  • Avatar of Sophie Tsai

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    Is teaching different from designing presentation?

    [caption id="attachment_90" align="alignleft" width="300"] Chinese character: Woodsby big5.hwjyw.com[/caption] In one of his blog posts, “From design to meaning: a whole new way of presenting?” Garr Reynolds talks about the book - A Whole New
  • Avatar of Jessica Faivre

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    Racing from Complacency

    Man, am I one lucky teacher.  And I'm not just writing that because I'm riding out a four day weekend for the Moon Festival in Taiwan.  I'm lucky for lots of reasons:  the kids in my school are unbelievably motivated, I have small class sizes, my
  • Avatar of ericm

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    Plagiarism: Avoid Recycling and Recreate

    There is a hole in the ground in the middle of a field of brush, large enough for you to be lost forever, and covering the hole is a very thin layer of twigs over a lattice work of weak branches. One wrong step and you could be lost and disappear fro
  • Avatar of Patricia Moreno

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    Wanna learn a language? Then Visuals are for You.

    [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="240"] Photo Credit: A L E M U S H via Compfight cc[/caption] Visual imagery in regard to the Acquisition of Languages is the tool par excellence in the last 15 years and continues to gain credence across the
  • Avatar of Mariko Jungnitsch

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    From Lalala to Learning

    As a listener of “Lalala” by Naughty Boy, I have felt no special connection to it as it blasted on the radio this past summer. It’s one of many catchy tunes that’s upbeat...a summer hit, that’s all...that is, until last night. My hu
  • Avatar of Sophie Tsai

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    A Whole New Mind

    [caption id="attachment_87" align="alignleft" width="291"] by Wally Gobetz[/caption] In one of his blog posts, “From design to meaning: a whole new way of presenting?” Garr Reynolds talked about the book - A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink and i
  • Avatar of Aaron Paulson

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      ... but first, a quick note on terms. According to The Visual Literacy White Paper written for Adobe by Dr. Anne Bamford of the University of Technology Sydney, "visual literacy can be defined as 'the ability to construct meaning from visual im
  • Avatar of Beth Marinucci

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    Ancient Greece, Zen Style

    I wanted to make a Google Slideshow using Presentation Zen principles for our open house at school last week. I had spent quite a while imagining the types of pictures I would want to use in order to demonstrate the culture of my classroom and what
  • Avatar of serge nicolai

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    Tools for the networked classroom

    I've just read the New Bloom's taxonomy- wikispaces page by A. Churches http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/Bloom%27s+and+ICT+tools This is an amazing resource page where Churches list many tech tools to practice the different thinking skills, like a
  • Avatar of Aaron Reed

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    An exploratory digital story

    The main focus of today's COETAIL class was learning about digital storytelling and then creating one of our own. I explored Alan Levine's site 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story here, and watched his video of the same name: So, I chose to try
  • Avatar of Dana S Watts

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    Welcome to Day One of COETAIL Chennai!

    Hello everyone and thank you for an amazing day of learning! Before class tomorrow, please complete a reflective blog post on the following prompt: How are your thoughts changing? Think about some of the terms we briefly discussed today and con
  • Avatar of Christina Root

    Christina Root wrote a tagged post :

    Messing Around with Videos

    These last few weeks looking at visual literacy have prompted me to do a bit of thinking about the videos I share with my students. My students are huge fans of Brain Pop and Horrible Histories.          
  • Avatar of Lauren Jackson

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    My New Haiku

    I just thought I'd post the designs of my two new Haiku class pages. They're both based on photos I took myself. One is a bookshelf at a friend's house and the other is the cow wallpaper at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. It's worth a trip to P
  • Avatar of Gary Allen

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    Remix Culture in Advertising

    You Tube is a treasure trove of remix videos. The video that I have embedded below was posted in 2008, and has been reused by many others since then. It combines a number of features present in successful advertising videos - it is short, contains so
  • Avatar of Akio Iida

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    Sidenote: Let's Mess Around

    Doing these blog posts that are up for public searches and views made me think about something I often struggle with: Copyright. I wanted to just use and upload images that I find on Google Image, but I started thinking about how do I cite my reso
  • Avatar of Jason HIcks

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    Hopes and Expectations for COETAIL

    Here are some ideas that I have been thinking about regarding COETAIL: I look forward to building my capacity regarding technological instruction so that I am better prepared to meet the needs of our students in a BYOT scenario I look forward t
  • Avatar of abryrne

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    Intellectual Property for the Global Citizen

    As I explore the notions of public use and intellectual property, I find myself returning to the same issue: sharing is important, but to what extent? In general, when a person has something, there are situations where he or she should share and ther
  • Avatar of Mariko Jungnitsch

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    The Bill Gates Approach to Teaching and Learning?

    Bill Gates suggested in a recent Money CNN interview that in order to cut costs in 21st-century classrooms we should replace professors and simply flip the classroom. Nowadays online tools can bring experts to the classroom for free with thei
  • Avatar of Lauren Jackson

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    Method of Death as Infographic

    easel.ly I had fun making my infographic for IB Literature. Because we're studying Hamlet, this seems like a good way to express a concept from the play in a somewhat humorous way, but I will also be able to use it to discuss whether they agree
  • Avatar of Tim Gascoigne

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    Reflections on Powerpoints

    We had our back to school night about a month ago and I remember having teachers from the school share examples of powerpoint presentations they have used with parents and thinking quietly that there has got to be a more effective way of communicatin
  • Avatar of Emily Kosmack

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    Coetail Blog Redesign + My Classroom Website

    For our first assignment in our third course, we were asked to redesign our blog and reflect on the changes made.  I was a little bit stuck on where to begin, because I had already put work into my design and was happy with the aesthetic. When I
  • Avatar of Widi Sumaryono

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    An Awesome Essay

    This is an awesome one; [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDLU5Y8fmzk[/youtube]
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    Pulse in a minute

    I have tried and failed at using a half-dozen different RSS readers. Usually I get hung up in the process of setting them up. I used to have a google reader account for reading student blog posts, but it was too plain. I started to set up digg for CO
  • Avatar of Eric

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    Creative Commons for Education: The real fair use policy.

    The video below is a fantastic starting point for teachers to begin understanding what Creative Commons is all about. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YkbeycRa2A&feature=share&list=PLqPUoYFnr1QJ9TtxMLPd56N2gbtFu8CnE[/youtube]
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    Digital Try Outs

    An original iMotion HD movie I made while geeking around with cool props that were made for my first year in Japan.  The video has been remixed during our second face to face for course three, coetail. Lots of research, investigation and the
  • Avatar of Aaron Reed

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    Islamic Art deserves better

    As an art teacher who worked for the first 15 years of my career in Muslim countries (Morocco and Qatar), I am fascinated by and love to look at Islamic art.  I have incorporated Islamic art into a number of my lessons with elementary and middle sch
  • Avatar of Devita Villanueva

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    My Blogging Journey: Finding "The One"

    If you are a WordPress dummy who is not very familiar with the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) or any coding language, chances are you have tried out several different new themes and were not pleased with the results. I was messing aroun
  • Avatar of Elaine Eastwood Poff

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    Mastering Minimalism

    ...or at least attempting to! I was almost crying while watching Don McMillan's Life After Death by PowerPoint.  It is absolutely hilarious.  But what makes it so funny is that we can all relate to it.  We have all been in presentations when spea
  • Avatar of Ryan Sager

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    Hopes for the Course

    I hope this course will be useful to what I do everyday in my classroom. I hope to learn how to use technology as a teaching tool. I hope this class will enrich my curriculum and engage more of my students. I hope to complete this masters pr
  • Avatar of Akio Iida

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    Let's Connect, Mess Around, and Create!

    "Smart phones have made people dumb." I've heard this from so many people since iPhones became popular and everyone around seemed to have one.  As I read "Connectivism" by George Siemen, a particular line stood out to me "Many of the processes previ
  • Avatar of Craig Karnitz

    Craig Karnitz wrote a tagged post :

    Being Visual In A Kinesthetic World

    Phys. Ed teachers often get a bad rap. Yes, playing dodgeball is fun..... way more fun than correcting essays on the poetry of Walt Whitman or teaching kids the difference between an acute and obtuse triangle (and really much more effective in teachi
  • Avatar of Kevin Johnson

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    Coding for Kids: Scratch

    Beauty draws us in, but goodness keeps us. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the World Wide Web, who generously laid the cornerstone of digital democracy strongly endorses teaching children how to code. Richard Garner in his July 2013 article
  • Avatar of Paul Sanderson

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    New Word Infographic

    In my kindergarten class we spend a lot of time learning reading skills. One important skill is knowing what to do when you find a new (unknown) word. I have a chart for my students with three strategies on it. The problem is the students w
  • Avatar of Christina Root

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    Genius Time

    [caption id="attachment_82" align="alignleft" width="300"] Creativity Post - Teaching Without Words[/caption]   Albert Einstein was not the only highly successful and highly intelligent individual to criticize formal education. The critici
  • Avatar of Melinda Martin

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    3 Ways to Explore Visual Literacy

    3 Ways to Rock Vis Lit in 5M 1) Blogs Students in 5th Grade are in the early stages of maintaining blogs. A discussion on visual literacy early on, will ensure they are using images and backgrounds effectively on their wordpress sites. As I beg
  • Avatar of Heather

    Heather wrote a tagged post :

    What Will You Discover?

    Ever since I lived in Japan I have loved the simplistic beauty of the very thoughtful zen principles. I am always drawn to the clean lines of Japanese architecture and design.  Presentation Zen is very much right up my alley. I had heard of it and k
  • Avatar of Gary Allen

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    Data Visualization using Gizmos

    For this post I have used an Explore Learning "Gizmo" and Screenr to create a screencast video of experiment simulations that demonstrate the heat conductivity of different materials. The settings of this particular Gizmo allow the user to monitor th
  • Avatar of Craig Karnitz

    Craig Karnitz wrote a tagged post :

    First Steps Into Presentation Zen

    I teach P.E. I am not a lecture teacher or classroom teacher, councillor or administrator; and because of this, in my vast electronic storage files (all 15 folders encompassing 14 years of assorted teaching files) I have two to three powerpoint prese
  • Avatar of Christina Root

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    Infographic Exploration

    I have watched with growing interest the rapid increase of and re-designing of infographics in the last few years. It is a world of visual communication of which I was an outsider and a consumer, but I did not imagine that I would be capable of creat
  • Avatar of Lauren Jackson

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    Zen PreZenting

    I worked on this a few weeks ago for the Seoul Foreign High School Parent Night and got some good feedback from my colleagues. I vaguely dread Parent Night each year, and then come away exhilarated. Adrenaline production is so different for me when I
  • Avatar of Kayo Ozawa

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    Extensive reading- Does introducing Google sites hinder individual tastes?

    We watched an interesting video in the first class of COETAIL Course 3. It was a video about how our eyes track things on Google sites, and the red spots indicate that we really spend most of our time searching the top section of the sites. The order
  • Avatar of Lauren Jackson

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    Images & Truth

    Analyzing and Creating Conceptual Images  Visual Literacy is becoming directly tied to English teaching, particularly through the IB curriculum we teach in grades 11 and 12, so I felt like this week's COETAIL was designed for me. I started, las
  • Avatar of grneff

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    Teaching Modern Media Literacy

    Renee Hobbs suggests that “it may not be so important what you watch…. but how you watch it,” in her blog “Teaching Media Literacy: Yo! Are you Hip to This?” She concludes her article basically with a call to re-educate ourselves and to hel
  • Avatar of Jeff Gepner

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    If the World Is Our Classroom, We Need Some New Policies

    As teachers, we proudly state that technology has allowed us to build 24-hour classrooms.  Students can access course materials online from almost anywhere at any time.  Triumphantly we announce that the world is our classroom thanks to the interco