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    New Online Payment System

    Pretty excited about this! Hoping this saves both you and us some time in getting payments processed and access to your courses. Either watch the quick 2 minute video or follow these simple steps. 1. Log into the COETAIL Site 2. Head to
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    Back in the Saddle: Summer Updates

    As a new school year gets started for most of you here in the COETAIL community, I wanted to wish you all a wonderful school year. I'm already looking forward to your reflections as you take on another year being an educator. Some of you have alre
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    "...the end of the beginning"

    I would not have guessed back on January 22 of 2013, as I typed my first COETAIL blogpost, that I would begin this ending blogpost (five courses and 38 blogposts later) with a fractured quote from Winston Churchill. As I reflect over these last fe
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    Full Tilt Into Design Thinking

    [caption id="attachment_302" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Getting our ideas (many!) on the wall as part of the Design Thinking process.[/caption] This past week I was lucky enough to participate in four days of Design Thinking workshops given
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    More Ninja than Cookie

    cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Derek This blogpost is a crosspost from the Coetail Coaches Blog. As I cruise through some of the first blog posts of our new Coetailers, there is a common theme running through many of them. Pe
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    Edu for a new Era?

    What are schools of the 'future' starting to look like? In the Netherlands more than 10 "Steve Jobs" schools have starting teaching according to the principles of the O4NT, or Onderwijs voor een nieuwe tijd (Education for a new era), which emph
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    The interactive story as metaphor for COETAIL Course 5

    [caption id="attachment_260" align="alignleft" width="937"] interactive treasure hunt game CUB gr4 - screenshot by AReed - you are free to copy, distribute, transmit, and adapt the work[/caption] The above screenshot is how Course 5 officially beg
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    Taking the Leap: Thinking about Course 5

    This is it. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300"] CC Licenc[/caption] This is the moment in COETAIL where you are set free to show what you've learned, show your classroom, show your learning, and show your students' learning. This blog p
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    Environment for Success

    Creating a balanced environment for learning is delicate and needs to embrace the differences between students, teachers and the physical environment. This year at our school the only constant we have had has been the teacher.  As with all new sc
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    Here a Mooc, there a Mooc, here a Tweet, there a Tweet...

      Coetail Course 4 Week 4: Connectivism Learning Theory Assignment 4:  Will education as we know it change because of technology? Where and how will you be teaching in 5, 10, 15 years time?  How does connectivism apply in your cla
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    Digital management: or, How I learned to stop worrying and love the device

    Let me see, some way for teachers to ensure that digital devices are being properly used, monitored, and managed in classrooms? Hmmmm, Dr. Strangelove, do we have anything like that in the works? cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by F
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    eBooks and Avatars T Minus 4

    [youtube]http://youtu.be/39G0dqCpuq0[/youtube] If you have been reading my prior blogs, you might be concerned that I have left out reading as a core library focus. Rest assured books and literature will remain as the cornerstone in this innovatio
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    Artistic and Visual Intelligence T Minus 5

    [youtube]http://youtu.be/PEBM_uijme0[/youtube] Each year we have high school students helping us to create Read Posters of our faculty which we then place on the walls of the library. Full disclosure, we had to switch to an adult photographer to m
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    (Gameification, 'the use of game mechanics, dynamics and frameworks to promote desired behaviors') At LIS katy vance is using gameification (through the game minecraft) in very cool ways with other subjects. Humanities are recreating ancient rome,
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    Playing in the Classroom

    I have to say, among the many 'tech in ed' jargons I have heard in Coetail, 'gamification' is one that I have not heard used a lot before reading all those articles.  So here's how I understand gamification in education. How I understand gami
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    The Early Elementary McTwist

    [caption id="attachment_239" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Photo Credit: Hani Amir via Compfight cc[/caption] A McTwist is a snowboard, skateboarding move where the rider does a 540 (one and a half turns) while upside down. This picture does n
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    Need another reason for why tech education is important?

    * s i g h * After THIS inane debacle -- by the country that is host to some of the most sophisticated technology and successful tech companies in the world -- we may never really need to make much of an argument for the need for technology in educ
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    What's on the Horizon?

    Each year,the New Media Consortium, the Consortium for School Networking and the the International Society for Technology in Education produce the Horizon Report, with one report on K-12 Education and additional reports on higher education and on
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    A few more things on Gamification

    It's great to see in your blogs so many of you embracing gamification and an equal number (or more?) of you struggling with gamification. That should be the space we are in during this course. Two more quick things about gamification as we wrap up we
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    Starting to put it all together

    cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Alexander Henning Drachmann What am I going to do this school year -- in terms of technology -- that will help my art students to learn and grow? In terms of education generally, we hope we've move
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    COETAIL Coaches Idea

    During the Learnign2 COETAIL Meet Up we asked those that attended how we can improve COETAIL. Marcello Mongardi from Oman along with others asked “What’s next”? It was a great questions that Kim and I weren’t really thinking about but now are
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    We’ve Got Badges!

    The badge movement in education is something I have been following and wanted to implement into COETAIL and I’m exciting to say we finally have. We are working with Mozilla Open Badges to allow participants to receive a badge that they can display
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    The Ancestor Of Stringed Musical Instruments !

    Definition A musical instrument is a device created or adapted to make musical sounds. In principle, any object that produces sound can be a musical instrument—it is through purpose that the object becomes a musical instrument. History The
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    Now I Know How To - presentaion on the benefits of after - school activity.

    I am a kind of person who gets bored by far. It is hard for a presenter to have my attention fully. I get weary easily and long presentations are my nightmares. I didn’t know that presentations could be shortened to one word till I learned th
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    Fear, Courage, Creativity and Learning

    One of the last acts of Learning 2.013 in Singapore was Jeff Utecht's talk about taking on something seemingly impossible in your learning environment. What is your Moon Shot? he asked. I felt pretty comfortable running through the options in my mind
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    Re-visualizing myself

    cc licensed ( BY ND ) flickr photo shared by David Blackwell. COETAIL course 3 comes to a close. I'm not sure why I'm drawn to this opening semi-apocalyptic image at this point.  But I can think of two possibilities: one, it's easily the mos
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    "Back to School Night" Presentation Makeover Using Zen Design Principles

    As suggested by Jeff Utech at the beginning of the course, I tried to use my new skills to rework the back-to-school night presentation with the hope that it would save me some time at the beginning of the school year next year. By combining betwe
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    Reflection on my coetail blogs

    I would like to reflect on how I redesigned my coetail blog.This is what I did, first I went to “My site” next to “My site title” , finally I clicked ” dashboard”after that I selected “Appearance” and then “Themes” and “Customiz
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    My video concerning My Google Drive Presentation

      I am excited because I did My first video concerning Ethiopian Meskl or  the finding of true cross. Please see my  presentation video, even if it is not perfect as I am practicing for the first time in my life time. Besides the video coul
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    Collaborative Remix

    Remix and Fair Use:    In his article : “On the Freedoms of Remix Creators”, Lawrence Lessig responds to some of the critics who argued on his 5 to 10 minutes short opening speech, on a panel at Vimeo’s Festival+Awards. The title of the panel
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    A Time to Lead and a Time to Step Back

    I enjoyed hearing Patrick Green's talk on "The Relevant Teacher". [youtube]http://youtu.be/-aWTJVu9Srk[/youtube] He says, "It's the teachers that matter."  What I understood him to say is that it is important for teachers to ask higher level quest
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    Remix culture has long been a staple in art class

    When making artwork, where do students' ideas come from? Often they come from the things they know and like. Kids know a lot about dinosaurs, so they draw dinosaurs. Kids love princesses and Transformers, so kids make princesses and Transformers. And
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    Final Project Course 3 - Ubiquitous Learning

    Finally..!! I’ve made videos before, many times.. but this time it was a bit different. Usually, I just searched the materials that I liked, downloaded images from google, videos or song from Youtube, then simply incorporated them into a remixed vi
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    When blog pages for each of our elementary school classes were introduced four years ago, I was one of the last teachers to get it going. There were many reasons for this. For one, I was daunted by the technology. I was also doubtful of staying commi
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    Feel the Fear...and then what?

    [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="240"] Some rights reserved by anguila40[/caption] I have never believed in fear.  Or regret.  I still don’t believe in regret; it’s a useless emotion that often leads to guilt.  That doesn’t mean I
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    Video Project: Not Quite a Tutorial

    For the video project in COETAIL course 3, I tinkered with the idea of creating a tutorial, a video how-to demonstrating some steps in a technical process. Instead, I decided to make something a little less dry, and a little less useful! (I'm not sur
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    POP that 'ZENtation

    Featured Image: mandolux via Compfight cc This could be my worst blog title so far... I realized when thinking about presentations I've done in the past, that I haven't really done many 'presentations', so to speak. I rarely use slides of any k
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    Presenting Zen as an Archivist

    Document Management System (DMS) in schools is documented evidence of what a school does.  My job is to keep track of the archives to be records that have been naturally and necessarily generated as a product of regular activities in the school such
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    Zen Presentation

    This is a presentation I started for an international festival the school was to be attending. When we were talking about what we were going to display, I suggested that we put out iPads with a photo slide show. The idea was for people to come up and
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    Principles of Art

    While watching the presentation about what a good design in photography is (as applied to slide presentations), I couldn't help but think about the principals of design artists use to give their work a specific visual effect. That led me to wonder if
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    Critical Friends in Schoology - Online1 Final Project

    Brief History This COETAIL UbD final project brings together my reflections on my first COETAIL course with a three day Project-Based-Learning conference hosted by KIS and facilitated by Rudy Boonchuoy of the Buck Institute of Education that I atte
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    Final Project - Valuing Our Heritage

    Final Project Course 3 - Valuing Our Heritage For my final project I made an imovie which will be a useful provocation for my students at the start of the Exhibition unit on the transdisciplinary theme, Where We Are in Place and Time next May. Last
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    The right track

    In an earlier post, I mentioned that the teachers at my school have been working with NoTosh to incorporate Design Thinking into our school curriculum. During our professional development workshops in August we learned more about what Design Thinki
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    Presentation Zen

    For our weekly readings I watched a slideshow presentation by Jesse Dee called You Suck at Powerpoint.  The message was clear that many of us, including myself, really do suck at making Powerpoint presentations.  The thing is, I know many of my pre
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    BIFF: Busan International Film Festival: A Digital Story

    As I have promised in my previous post on digital story telling Fly, Fly Away….with Digital Storytelling I am adding a movie which I created using iMovie. I will not spend much time writing about it- I hope that you enjoy it. The movie is about 
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    Cource 3 Final Project: The HEISZ NATION Science Experience

      It's done. For this Digital Storytelling project, I decided to create a video highlighting what my science program is all about. I've collected a huge amount of photos and video from all kinds of activities from every course over the yea
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    Course 3 Final Project #2: 20% Time Video

    Photo Collage Here: For my video project I thought I would kill two birds with one stone (well actually several birds). Since the course began I have been meaning to share with everyone the results from implementing my Course 1 Final Project- ou
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    Trekking without Technology!

    TREKKING without TECHNOLOGY! I've recently returned from a trek in the Dhauladhar mountains in India with my friends. This was not our first trek but it was definitely one of the hardest and riskiest due to the rocky and unfriendly terrain. We had n
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    Shaken, not stirred

    We all know the phrase, "Shaken, not stirred."   Mixing cocktail is an art in itself.  You need proper experience knowledge to make the drink just as perfect as you can make it.   A lot of people assumed the phrase above was si
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    Getting the Science Fix with Infographics

    Featured Image: blprnt_van via Compfight cc infographic Syllabifiction: (in·fo·graph·ic) Pronounciation: /ˌinfōˈgrafik/ noun a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data: a good infographic i
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    I remixed a remix, it was back to normal

    An option to use remixing in a class for me would be to present students with classic product design like the following eames lounge chair. Their task is to remix or redesign the product to reflect their own design aesthetic. This would be done with
  • Avatar of tim gotterson

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    presentation aesthetic

    Design technology hopefully encourages students to develop their own design aesthetic which will continually evolve with exposure to new designs and styles. I use presentations to outline sections of design portfolios and my presentations similarly e
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    Proudly Presenting From the Bottom of My Heart, "A Glimpse of Myanmar"

    In my previous blog post “Hard to Let Go,” I mentioned that I came to understand how hard it was to let go. Unable to let go of the images searched for Zen presentation assignment, I was inspired to create this digital story “A Glimpse of Myanm
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    Course 3 Final Project - Amateur Tutorial Videos

    It was a bit embarrassing but I did it. I created blogger tutorial videos and they all include my face!  :P This was an exciting project for me because I absolutely love editing videos.  But I did want to challenge myself a little bit with th
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      Before all the readings for week 6, I thought remixing only referred to DJ-ing and music.  Personally, I never liked the remixed music and thought that people should leave the original music alone and enjoy what the creator first inten
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    Moving Pictures...

    We went on our annual trip to Pasir Mukti last week. Three days in the hills outside of Bogor, about sixty minutes from our campus. Between sixty students and eleven adults, we took two thousand photos in two and a half days. So my plan was to use
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    Remixin' Readin' and Writin'

    As always, COETAIL forces me to think about issues which have been niggling at the back of my noggin for quite some time. This time, it's fan fiction that's been bugging me. My students love it.  And I don't mean like it a little.  I mean LOVE it.
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    This is the story of a girl

    Last fall I did the training and took all the tests to become Google Apps Individually Qualified. I now need to complete the application to become a Google Apps Certified Trainer before December 4th. I made my video as a first draft of the one I will
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    Course 2: Final Project Reflection

    For our final project, Rhiannon and Rob and I wrote a Proposed Responsible Use Policy for our school. It is our intention to create more student-friendly versions which focus on our Three Tenents (Be Kind, Be Safe, Be a Focused Learner.) The ide
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    Google+ for Team Communication

    Since one unit of this course is about Twitter and Google+, I thought I would share how the IT Department at AISC is using Google+.  Each member of our team joined Google+ and created an IT Team circle.  Every time we help someone, resolve an issue
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    Walking In The Park Video - Final Project

    Finally I've completed my third attempt at making a short video. This one has been uploaded to You Tube and has been embedded into my class blog for my students and their families. I feel confident that I can now start to make better quality shor
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    The Common Core State Standards: Love or Hate??

    Well with the final assignment coming up for course1 I have been doing a lot of research of backward by design planning. As many of us know Grant Wiggins is one of the gurus in this area. So started to look at some of his videos to better understand
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    Summer "COETAIL" -ified

    Long time no SEE!!  All summer break I had a million ideas of what I wanted to blog about, but now that I'm in the middle of Course 3, I'm having a hard time sitting down and getting to it. My summer was filled with summer school teaching, a visi
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    Using Ted Talks for the classroom

    My Language B Year 12 English class needed a challenge. The students comprise of non-native English speakers, most who had not done English as a first language at IGCSE. They are required to listen, speak and comprehend fluently; the oral component
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    Readers Read

    How do we assess students' independent reading? Conferences: "What are you reading?" Reading responses: "Let's make a book trailer!" Reading logs: "Each day, we will read at school. Each day, we will read at home. Each day, before you read,
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    Sounds almost like it should be a word, hell, nearly anything can be these days. I must confess, I rarely spend time creating powerpoints for classes. I tend use a few images to provoke discussion, sometimes on the fly from google, sometimes in Smart
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    A New Way of Looking At Things

    Sometimes ya just need a fresh perspective. I've been reading up on the "Remix Culture" that is becoming more and more mainstream as I write. The basic idea is that you take an existing piece of work and break it up, overlay it, underlay it, chunk
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    A picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes. We all go through countless breathtaking moments in our lives; moments worth capturing and saving for years to come. Memory is one way to do that, but it's hard to rely on it as it fades through
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    Something old is sometimes new, something borrowed can be true

    Is there anything new under the sun? Part of me knows that there isn't really, and yet the idea of creative genius burns with an appeal that refuses to die. [caption id="attachment_143" align="alignnone" width="342"] Image CC licensed by Kevin Doo
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    Blogging Forward Thinking

    [caption id="attachment_115" align="alignleft" width="300"] Some rights reserved by charliebarker[/caption] To change or not to change, my blog that is, that was the question. After reviewing numerous templates and designs that are available, I real
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    An Infographic on Infographic

    When I read the title, Course 3 Week 5: Infographics and Data Visualization, I casually presumed “infographics as visuals and graphs that present information.” Wikipedia defines “Information graphics or infographics as graphic visual representa
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    Data visualization to show and consolidate learning

    This week  has been focused on data visualization and reflecting on how we can incorporate data vizualisation in our teaching.  I am a firm believer that visual data can be very powerful as a communicative tool.  I loved the examples of dynamic di
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    angolan clips

    I used the video floating around my iphoto to put together a short clip in imovie. Great fun stitching shots of friends together. This is the first time I have used imovie and the interface is brilliantly intuitive. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com
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    If Year 2 were a village

    It took me a long time to find an infographic to use in class. Mostly because my kids don't read yet. Which makes me think that I need to start creating some infographics to share with other early elementary school teachers. I have mostly been lookin
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    Course 2 Final Project

    Looking back on course 2, responsibility seems to be the main theme. We discussed moral and ethical responsibilities, the responsibility of educators to help students be safe on-line, and the responsible use of on-line tools to protect our personal i
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    The Journey of My First PechaKucha

    [caption id="attachment_101" align="alignright" width="300"] Image by James Vaughan[/caption] What is a PechaKucha 20X20 and what makes a good PechaKucha presentation? When I learn something new, very often I'd like to start from reading the Q&
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    The Image Game

    Images. I love them. I have always loved looking at pictures of any kind.  No matter who took them or what they were of. I still do. I find myself searching flickr pretty often.  There is just something about a good image. Interpreting images is a
  • Avatar of Robert Duckworth

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    Turn on, tune in, drop out -- 30,000 techno-utopians can't be (all that) wrong

    Course 1 Week 2 Blog Post Performance Task (Assignments): Write a blog post reflecting on your reading: How are your thoughts changing? (Connectivism, New Bloom’s Taxonomy, Messing Around, and the optional stuff if applicable) OK. Here we go..
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    Infographics vs Video

    Our class is having Salva Dut of Water for Sudan come and give us an assembly this coming week.  Part of his visit will be individual visits to classrooms with him spending about 10 minutes in each room.  He will challenge the children at the end o
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    A Culture of Copy, Paste and Change

    In which I agree with a Canadian Pianist. I share many of the same concerns about originality that Glenn Gould does when he's mentioned in this article. Remix is awesome, and sometimes it's the journey that matters and not the destination, but I just
  • Avatar of Laura

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    How are my thoughts changing...

    Two weeks ago, I woke up around 4am to discover my water had broken.  I had just finished my last day of work the day before and I was looking forward to attending the COETAIL start-up weekend that very morning with Dana Watts; however my plans had
  • Avatar of Jessica Faivre

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    Shocked (x4): Old things that awakened me in new ways

    I knew I was taking this course for a reason!  For a swift kick in the backside-- Just to give me that little oomph that I've needed for the last few weeks (months? years?). Ever since I started COETAIL, I just feel like a better teacher.  I fee
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    Fly, Fly Away....with Digital Storytelling

    Having to work on a digital storytelling (video) had seemed as a daunting task, that I have not been looking forward to, over the last couple of weeks. However, as I was working on a 'slideshow' through Roxio Photo Show, a few of our readings from we
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    Coming to a screen near you: LIS Reads - LIS Lê

    When I discovered we had to make a movie for the third COETAIL course, I was thrilled because I knew I would have to force myself to take my photos of our LIS Reads September celebration and tell the story in a movie.  I was incredibly lucky to have
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    Units of Inquiry: keeping it ZEN

    After looking at several examples of Zen presentations on the web, I've decided to create my own around our   Year 2's Units of Inquiry for parent night.  This year we spent much of Parent Night going over what students will be doing in Language a
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    Pie charts in art class??

    cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Kevin Trotman The opportunity to create an infographic for art class is a good thing. It actually would help me get across a point to students (and adults alike) that I struggle to make at times. 
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    Fair Use Ubd

    Our final project is an Ubd, which was designed for middle school students.  It’s an age appropriate, make believe cruise for students to become familiar with copyright and fair use policies. During course two, I found that fair use policies ar
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    Stepping out collaboratively ...

    What I find interesting about many of the new technologies are that they are intentionally collaborative. We are constantly bombarded with how to be, and the importance of being, collaborative. So much so that it is considered a 21st skill by the Cen
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    Do we need math?

    [caption id="attachment_40" align="aligncenter" width="300"] top left to bottom http://www.flickr.com/photos/cogdog/4119432380/;http://www.flickr.com/photos/ylvas/2846510436/;http://www.flickr.com/photos/mmj171188/2901211660/[/caption] Newcastle U
  • Avatar of Melinda Martin

    Melinda Martin wrote a tagged post :

    Making it ZEN for the parents

    Some inspiration for Zen: I can vividly remember attending my first EARCOS conference in 2011. I attended one of Kim Cofino's workshops and was blown away by the incredible presentation she had created. I didn't know the term for it then, but her
  • Avatar of ericm

    ericm wrote a tagged post :

    Teaching Old Dogs New...Technology

    For about fourteen years we had a beautiful chocolate Labrador as a member of our family. We got him when our children were young and his energy matched theirs. As he aged with our children, he slowed down, but they continued to speed up. The last fe
  • Avatar of Marius Visser

    Marius Visser wrote a tagged post :


    A week ago, my wife, a third grade teacher, came home from school overly-excited, and told me that she had something to share with me: They had their Principal’s Assembly that morning, where a guest speaker had made such a huge impact on her stu
  • Avatar of Andrew Goodman

    Andrew Goodman wrote a tagged post :

    Sixth Grade Learner Profile RIS

    Sixth Grade Learner Profile I am going to go through some of the key indicators in the NETS standards and use them to develop a learner profile for what we might expect of a sixth grader. The typical RIS student will be assumed to be the case stud
  • Avatar of Cassandra Pupovac

    Cassandra Pupovac wrote a tagged post :

    Alive Enough?

    Following our discussion on the challenge of balance I was reminded of an interesting interview I stumbled across several months ago.  It doesn't happen often but listening to this interview one afternoon triggered me to sit, listen and then contin
  • Avatar of Beth Marinucci

    Beth Marinucci wrote a tagged post :

    Selling Research -- Course 3 Final Project

    Last week I posted an infographic about the "Simple Seven" research process I created. I was asked to present the process to the faculty here at our school, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to tell a digital story of why we need
  • Avatar of Adam Fox

    Adam Fox wrote a tagged post :

    Digital Family History

    I came across an awesome 3-D digital timeline creator Tiki-Toki.  To test it out I created a brief snapshot of my family's journey overseas.   After showing my science classes this example, a group of students decided to try it out t
  • Avatar of Andrew Goodman

    Andrew Goodman wrote a tagged post :

    Do fair use policies make any sense?

    I have to confess that, while trying to work my way through the fair use quiz set up for this class, I quit out of sheer bafflement about half way through. There were situations where something clearly unethical was deemed ok, and others where someth
  • Avatar of Mary Carley

    Mary Carley wrote a tagged post :

    Before and After.....Trying out Infographics

    After completing a digital citizenship program, our students have just received their "driver's license" for their laptops. This means they can finally take the laptops home rather than just using them here at school. Each student has been given a dr
  • Avatar of Andrew Goodman

    Andrew Goodman wrote a tagged post :

    The Challenge of Cyber Bullying

    Cyber bullying and the whole issue of dealing with power differentials in a digital age reminds us that with each new advance in human capability comes new challenges that we have to both be cognizant of and find ways of dealing with. It has been thi
  • Avatar of grneff

    grneff wrote a tagged post :

    Making the video was only the beginning

    In course 3 we are required to create a video and upload it to our blog.  I have been successful in the last 10 years evading the need to use video editing software, so this was a new challenge for me.  My past experience at movie making has soely
  • Avatar of David M. Powell, Jr.

    David M. Powell, Jr. wrote a tagged post :

    I'm even boring myself now...

    Video games are something I feel pretty strongly about (look back a few posts for why). For the first two years of our school, we have a had a very strict, very restrictive policy on video games. As one would expect, this lead to many behavioral issu
  • Avatar of learnit2

    learnit2 wrote a tagged post :

    Be Brave!

    I had originally followed a traditional teaching way of making "class rules" each year without much success of how they really resonated with the children in the class.  However, this year I decided to try something new after seeing a post by Matt G
  • Avatar of Wendy Markert

    Wendy Markert wrote a tagged post :

    Misleading Graphs

    I cannot wait until the end of the year in my grade 9 math classes.  Our last unit involves statistics and one of my favorite topics with students is how graphs (and statistics) can be misused and misleading. For example, I created a data table (
  • Avatar of Aaron Paulson

    Aaron Paulson wrote a tagged post :

    Digital Footprint: a cautionary tale (spoiler alert: happy ending)

    Mr. Paulson: "Good morning gang!" Grade 7 Student: "Mr. Paulson, do you drink?" Mr. P: "Excuse me?" Grade 7 Student: "You have a blog about drinking." Mr. P (Racking brain for errant blog posts): "I don't think so..." Grade 7 Student:
  • Avatar of Eric

    Eric wrote a tagged post :

    Final Project Course Two

    [caption id="attachment_62" align="aligncenter" width="640"] "Students producing a broadcast newscast" photo by the author edited online with Befunky.com[/caption] COETAIL Course 2: 21st Century Literacy Ideas, Questions, and Issues (Link to MLA f
  • Avatar of Brian Tupper

    Brian Tupper wrote a tagged post :

    Interacting with Maps

    Every been in the right place at the right time? Earlier this year, we were scrambling because our Social Studies curriculum was going through some major changes in Upper elementary.  Gone were the year's previous principal and Grade 4 and 5 lead
  • Avatar of Andrew Parker

    Andrew Parker wrote a tagged post :

    AUP Project Reflection

    Working with Jason Cordray and Jeff Gepner on A Comparison of The AUP’s of BPS, SAS and NIST with RIS’s was a pleasurable and productive experience.  We divided up the work equally with each of us taking one school's AUP to compare with RIS's.
  • Avatar of Aarthi Dawson

    Aarthi Dawson wrote a tagged post :

    The Educator’s lens on the power of Web.2.0, online communities and strengthening network

    I am thrilled by the way my learning process has evolved with COETAIL. Not really knowing where to start with coursework 1 , I decided to begin with reading the “must reads”. After reading the first two chapters from REACH by Jeff Utecht I am com
  • Avatar of Trent Citrano

    Trent Citrano wrote a tagged post :

    What I Want (and don't want) to See in a Resume - One Principal's View

    A few of us educators began a conversation the other day about what school recruiters were looking for in resumes.  As the only administrator in the group, and the only one who has been on the other side of the table sifting through piles of applica
  • Avatar of Anjana Jain

    Anjana Jain wrote a tagged post :

    Digging in…

    Gandhi's day…a message of change, a message of simplicity, a message of higher order thinking, a message of connections, collaboration, team work to reach a goal however tough it may be.….how perfect it is that on this day I look at another way t
  • Avatar of Victor Eby

    Victor Eby wrote a tagged post :

    Of Cookies and Disciples

    [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="280"] cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by amanda tipton[/caption] Okay, so I'll be honest... I caught my students playing the Cookie Clicker game. So, WHAT did I decide to do?      
  • Avatar of icraig

    icraig wrote a tagged post :

    A 'Learning Journal' Project

    The Middle School team I support is about to roll out a new 'Learning Journal' project. This is an attempt at revising the Digital Portfolio concept that brings a love-hate relationship into our lives. They'll be using Google Presentations and the as
  • Avatar of Rachel MacDonald

    Rachel MacDonald wrote a tagged post :

    Talking about a Revolution...

        I refuse to believe that human teachers and physical classrooms will become obsolete.  It is too heartbreaking.  Standing outside the door where the fourth and fifth graders are sprint from the lunchroom to the recess field, I still believe
  • Avatar of dgregor

    dgregor wrote a tagged post :

    Just Block It!

    [caption id="attachment_35" align="aligncenter" width="256"] CC AdamWestbrook from Flickr[/caption] "The technologies we block in their classrooms flourish in their bedrooms." This quote from Word Without Walls: Learning Well with Others by Will R
  • Avatar of Pam Thomson

    Pam Thomson wrote a tagged post :

    Blooms Site

    I found the article and site on New Bloom’s Taxonomy Digitally by Andrew Churches (Tech & Learning) very interesting. It offers a great set of resources to use if one wants to access them.  I agree that one does not need to start at the bottom
  • Avatar of Patricia Moreno

    Patricia Moreno wrote a tagged post :

    "Verb Walls" - Infographics for Learning Languages

    [caption id="attachment_105" align="alignright" width="300"] Photo Credit: Foxtongue via Compfight cc[/caption] Word Clouds have good visual appeal and they can inspire like poetry. Words are our world.  In Spain the Real Academia Espanola is the
  • Avatar of Widi Sumaryono

    Widi Sumaryono wrote a tagged post :

    Going With the Flow, Should We?

    After reading an article written by Will Richardson "World Without Walls: Learning Well with Others", my reading partner and I felt so scared and yet at the same time so blessed that we join this COETAIL course. Will Richarson uses the phrase  "Worl
  • Avatar of Dwayne Primeau

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    Lead by example; Using Google forms to track and give formative feedback to our students.

    [caption id="attachment_36" align="alignnone" width="300"] Formative Feeback by Ken[/caption]  Like all teachers I want to help my students improve and empower them with the confidence to learn from their mistakes.  One of the best ways to do th
  • Avatar of Aaron Paulson

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    "The Spontaneous Overflow of Powerful Feelings"

    "For all good poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings" - William Wordsworth So wrote the Romantic poet William Wordsworth in the Preface to the first edition of Lyrical Ballads in 1798, and generations of young wannabe poets have b
  • Avatar of Ceci Gomez-Galvez

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    Did you watch it?  The finale of all finales?... ... ... Do you even know what I'm talking about?  If you don't, it's cool.  It's only a matter of time before you decide to binge-watch all 5 seasons of the best TV show in television history, Break
  • Avatar of Dan Slaughter

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    Little bit of Zen

    Two weeks ago was the first ever Google Summit in Vietnam.  I didn't feel I was ready to present but two weeks before the summit, I decided to submit my application for two presentations. To my surprise, both were accepted. Lucky for me, cour
  • Avatar of Jayne Mizuguchi-Soh

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    Before our annual "Meet the Teacher" night at the beginning of our academic year, it was suggested that we use a Powerpoint (template provided by the school) to make our introductions to parents. We were also given the freedom to create our own prese
  • Avatar of Saeko Uchino

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    The way, or the corridor of time

    In the novel, Eon by Greg Bear, there is a place called "The Way." This fictional location found on a man-made asteroid is a forever stretching corridor of time.  The characters, using a special equipment is able to open a door into specific time
  • Avatar of Flor Cobarrubias Martin

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    To Leave or not to Leave a Digital Footprint

    [caption id="attachment_47" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Photo by Flor Martin[/caption] That is the question... I have been working as a Spanish teacher for the last ten years. During this time, I have been an avid consumer of knowledge and
  • Avatar of Jessica Fortin

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    Ready for My Closeup

    In my first few, unfocused attempts, iMovie frustrated me. Nothing was labelled with words, but only with mysterious icons, and my laptop seemed to slow to a glacial pace when running the program. I had accumulated a good number of short video clips,
  • Avatar of Gretchen DePoint

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    Digital Versus Face-to-Face Communication

    Does anyone talk to each other face-to-face anymore or is it all digital communication? This is surely a tough one because it seems like everyone is busier than ever so virtual conversations are huge time savers but the question remains, do some pe
  • Avatar of Youngen Lee

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    HS AUP

    <p style=" margin: 12px auto 6px auto; font-family: Helvetica,Arial,Sans-serif; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; font-size: 14px; line-height: normal; font-size-adjust: none; font-stretch: normal; -x-system-font: none
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    Communal Living online through the hyperlink and upload

    The manner of my internet use is, I realize now, despite all my supportive rants of online community citizenship thus far, is not that of a creator or innovator but that of a consumer. Thus far, I have used the usual social media networks, shopped
  • Avatar of Jason Graham

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    COETAIL Final Project Course 3: #pypchat - A Vibrant Global Community

    Well here is my final video for Course 3 of COETAIL. I use the word 'my' loosely here. I wouldn't have been able to do this without the great video I used and the creative commons photo. cc licensed ( BY NC ND )  flickr photo shared by Rene Bas
  • Avatar of tim gotterson

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    I used the following series of infographics as an extension to a unit on sustainable design. Students explore sustainable design and create products designed to raise awareness of sustainability. As an extension we head to a beach to collect plastics
  • Avatar of Carrie Zimmer

    Carrie Zimmer wrote a tagged post :

    On the Hunt for Quality Windows 8 Apps

    Our school year is off to a fast start. I can't believe it is already October?!?!?!?! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"] cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by Andrea_44: http://flickr.com/photos/8431398@N04/3008173939/[/caption] The c
  • Avatar of Jeff Layman

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    Not just for kids. I'm a technology coach at my school and my colleagues and I sent out an interest survey to gauge what our teachers wanted/needed. Instead of sharing with them the boring Google Spreadsheet, we threw the results into an infographic
  • Avatar of Alisa Scudamore

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    remix literacy

    I must admit, I grit my teeth a bit when an administrator reminds me that literacy must be taught in all subject areas. And then I remember that visual literacy is my area, and I can breathe again--this is attainable (for me) and motivating (for me)
  • Avatar of Mariko Jungnitsch

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    Infographics Zen-Style

    In our last COETAIL session, Kim Cofino wondered aloud if infographic resource sites are now the “new Wikipedia”. The context of our discussion involved questioning the validity of data presented in several infographic sites like visual.ly,
  • Avatar of rappino

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    Saigon Cohort 2 Starting January 2014!

    Thanks for all the interest in COETAIL Cohort 2! [caption id="attachment_32" align="alignright" width="270"] image by kevin dooley[/caption] Right now I am gauging the level of interest for opening a new COETAIL Saigon Cohort which will be SSIS
  • Avatar of Lori Uemura

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    Flipped Continuing Saga...

    One of the continuing issues I have in doing a flipped classroom is technology. I use a variety of software to record video lectures, and I have had problems with all of them at some point. The biggest issue has to do with choosing the software most
  • Avatar of dwoldie

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    Reaching student for those doesn't have Internet.

    I gave training on Application Software for many times for different trainee and student. Most of the time I am giving short introduction, steps on how to use, and practical demonstration, I never used any video tutorials for my class or training tha
  • Avatar of Craig Karnitz

    Craig Karnitz wrote a tagged post :

    Is A Diorama An Infographic? Or Is An Inforgraphic A Diorama?

    Love diorama's. Loved building them in class. Along with poster board presentations, they were early forms of infographics. Infographics before computers. Infographics for the luddite. In case your board this weekend, here is a great way to pass 6-48
  • Avatar of Youngen Lee

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    The Not-So-Pretty We Need to Talk About It

    Bullying. It's been a factor in being a kid since there were kids. (Cain and Abel, anyone?) It's not necessarily the medium to blame but a facet of human nature. Sometimes we see weak, regardless of whether it is an accurate descriptor or not,
  • Avatar of Jeff Utecht

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    Course 3 Extension Oct. 27th

    [caption id="attachment_115" align="alignleft" width="199"] Photo Credit: andredoreto via Compfight cc[/caption] Just a quick note that I hear you have had bad Internet connection lately and we will be extending this course until October 27th to g
  • Avatar of Eyerusalem Kifle

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    Extreme Makeover on Zen Presentation!

    I feel like I am in a process of extreme make over since I started my first Coetail course. I came such a long way and made a huge transition from making a good presentation that can be an example of how not to make a presentation, to a real good pre
  • Avatar of Eyerusalem Kifle

    Eyerusalem Kifle wrote a tagged post :

    My Struggle and Success on Coetail Journey.

    I always remember the first day I started my very first Coetail course. I felt totally lost and hopeless! My struggle was not only catching up with the steeps in to following the web pages mentioned by Jeff, but also with familiarizing myself with th
  • Avatar of Rhiannon Doherty

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    Bullied and Beautiful and Connected

    ‘...And technology is not radically changing what's happening; it's simply making what's happening far more visible.’ -Dinah Boyd [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="896"] Demon/Diablo[/caption] When I  decided to write about cyberb
  • Avatar of Rodrigo Brasil

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    Design and layout

    After a busy summer with 2 surgeries, a move from Angola to Abu Dhabi, starting a new job at American Community School of Abu Dhabi, as a Technology Manager, and had my degrees incorrectly evaluated by WES because they are stuck in the past counti
  • Avatar of Tim Gascoigne

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    Thoughts On Becoming Screen Literate

    Many times we think of literacy as reading and writing.  However, we now know the importance of our children acquiring a new kind of literacy: Visual Literacy.  This is something that we must teach them and it is becoming ever more apparent that th
  • Avatar of Lissa Layman

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    Visual Interpretation in MYP Language B

    Another year as a Technology Coach, another year teaching French. I am once again in the MYP Language B classroom (grades 9 & 10; phases 1, 2 & 3) part time due to unforeseen circumstances. I am entering my 3rd week in the classroom and I'm e
  • Avatar of Yin Mon Aye

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    Reunion with Zen

    In Myanmar language, we have a saying that things that too close will not be reorganized or seen. I had a great experience. It was a couple of years ago. For my post grad, our group presented a presentation but it turned out as a disaster. With a l
  • Avatar of Victor Eby

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    Picturing Eternity

    "If you are going to use visuals, then for crying out loud, make them insanely great visuals. " -Garr Reynolds [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="390"] cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo by Brandon Warren[/caption] So you're giving
  • Avatar of David M. Powell, Jr.

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    Where will you go this year?

    Working in boarding, there isn't much of a curriculum to speak of. There certainly is a "hidden curriculum" of modeling values and how to live in a community, but we don't have set lessons or learning goals for our students. Now in our third year, we
  • Avatar of Kevin Johnson

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    1.4 Evolve or Die

    "Accept your fate, or it will drag you." So wrote Boethius in The Consolation of Philosophy around 524. Our students - digital natives, hypersocial, messing around and geeking out - constitute our fate (Living and Learning with New Media). A succ
  • Avatar of Sarah Ahn

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    Google vs Facebook Motion Infographic

    As I think about my video-making assignment, I thought this was a really fantastic example of combination of video and infographics.  The voice over is concise but not distracting and the visuals on the video really enhance the overall experienc
  • Avatar of Darren Laverick

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    Connecting Visual Literacy to Data Handling

    Some of the key features the the Primary Years Programme advocate using the power of mathematics for describing and analyzing the world around us. The links between maths and visual literacy are clear and well documented through the  Mathematics sco