Hello CoETaIL!

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Is it only me or does no-one care much about the capital letters in CoETaIL? Having learned the rhythm of the keystrokes, I am reluctant to let that skill go to waste.

So I am joining Online7. At our school, we have a previous group who are coming to the end of their CoETaIL journey. Their enthusiasm has helped to inspire a new cohort. I really like the way we overlap in time; #7 will start in September while the others conclude in December. I am hoping for a synergy like the relationship between Grades 11 and 12. We may consider organising their graduation party.


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And that word ‘cohort’? Literally, it is a division of a Roman legion which is appropriate since we are all marching in the same direction with a common purpose (though less imperial). I like the suggestion in the term that we are there for each other as well as for our own advancement.

So, yes, bring it on. The course looks interesting; in particular, I like the fact that it practises what it preaches, unlike those lectures on innovative teaching styles beloved of PD presenters who are immune to irony. And we will be able to plot our own course and tailor our projects to our own learning needs which is, again, consistent with the education we would like our own students to undergo.

This is CoETaIL!


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  1. Welcome Steve! What’s the word for two cohorts blended together?
    All for one and one for all…

  2. Great first post and so glad that COETAIL or CoETaIL or coetail, or cOetAil is something you see for yourself. We are a learning community. Isn’t that always what we say our classes are? This is a place for you to learn, reflect, practice, create, communicate, and curate information. It is a place for you to share and empower each other. It is….a classroom. Or what we say we want a classroom to be before we add that layer of falseness known as curriculum to it. That is what this is….how you spell it, how you pronounce it, we don’t care. What we care is that you make this your learning journey. That this becomes your journey not our content. That it becomes your reflection now our assignments and that you find a place where you can be welcomed, pushed, accepted, challenged and grow.

    Welcome to COETAIL!

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