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YouTube for teachers YouTube has apparently launched a new “channel” just for teachers, according to Mindshift. The special channel is intended to make it easier for teachers to show videos, discuss videos, and to use videos as educational tools. But even better, the blog implies, there may be some sort of kid-friendly  protections built into […]

  Take a 7th grade boy growing up in urban Taipei and ask him to imagine the world of camels in the deserts of Pakistan. Kinda tricky. But give him a large library of real photos from the desert, and suddenly, it becomes much easier. Each year, I face this challenge when I teach the […]

We care more about the parts and less about the entire. We are into snippets and smidgens and clips and tweets. We are not only a fragmented society, but a fragment society. Linton Weeks, in the article, “We are Just Not Digging the Whole Anymore” Like Chris Fox, I, too, am going to be picking […]

Is this the future of reading?

Qwiki is a cool new tool that attempts to make the old-fashioned encyclopedia into a modern, visual creation. Essentially, it uses a computer to read aloud some basic information from Wikipedia about a topic while flashing related images across the screen. Although the current version is rough, I do think that this represents the wave […]

Here is an interesting tidbit about Facebook, and the potential threat to Google. Facebook has more than half a billion users, and half of those log on every day. These people spend 700 billion minutes on the site and share 30 billion pieces of content. Links are being shared and people are clicking “like” to […]