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Apr 07

Course 2 (EDC 601) Final Project and Reflection

SSIS Grade 5 Media Agreement

I can’t believe this course is finished already!  As I reflect, I’m amazed as how much I have learned in such a short period of time.  Looking back through my post for this course and rereading my Coetail cohorts’ posts has really helped me further develop my personal philosophy of education, specifically in regards to …

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Mar 26

The Power of the Web

When I think about education, knowledge, art and creativity, or simply communication and collaboration; I don’t think there is a more powerful resource than the internet.  There were some amazing inventions during the 20th Century, but I would argue that the internet has had and will have a greater impact on the world than any other invention …

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Mar 19

Protecting Personal Information

I don’t think anyone would disagree that protecting one’s personal information online is just as important as locking your front door before leaving your house or making sure your passport and money are in a secure pocket before walking through an unfamiliar and crowded city.  It’s human nature to protect those things that are important …

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Mar 14

Take the Bully by the Horns!

The more I read and learn about cyber-bullying, the more fortunate I feel about working at Saigon South International School.  I teach 5th grade and feel like I have some of the nicest and most respectful boys and girls that a teacher could have, and not only this school year.  I have been teaching 5th …

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Mar 09

Has Anyone Seen My Trail?

As I stated in my last post, I think I’m a pretty private person.  I’m no conspiracy theorist.  I’m not concerned about “Big Brother,” but I am aware that I’m leaving a trail everywhere I go.  I can’t remember when I first realized I was being targeted by adds, or that Youtube was suggesting videos …

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Mar 03

Go Ahead, Google Me

Social Network Recruitment

I remember on the very first class of my Coetail cohort (maybe 6 months ago) we Googled ourselves.  I got nothing.  At the time I had a bit of an online presence, but it was mostly social and mostly not connected to my real name.  Usually when I sign up for a free account online …

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Feb 21

My Role


The more I explore the realm of copyright, the more confused I become.  But at least I’m becoming more aware of others’ opinions, beliefs, and personal use in this realm.  I do believe awareness is the key.  From there on it’s one’s moral compass that will dictate the path. Reading Audrey Watters’ article “Redefining “Cheating” …

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Feb 21


This was a fun project, but took much longer that I expected.  My video camera is new and captures video in a variety of resolutions.  Since I plan to mostly work with high definition, progressive scan footage in future projects; this is what I used for this project.  Not that you can tell from this …

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Feb 12

Help! I’ve been infringed!!

I originally started writing this post as a response to Coetail’s Course 2 – Week 1 assignment.  But it just started to grow out of control with a personal connection to the week’s topic: copyright in the digital age.  So, I decided to refocus a post for that assignment, but I still want to share …

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Feb 11

Copyright Infringement? Guilty!

There’s no doubt about it. I am guilty of acquiring copyrighted material illegally for my own personal entertainment. You aren’t? I love movies, television, music, and video games. I have been a consumer of these forms of media for as long as I can remember. I would venture to say that a good percentage of …

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