Endless Connections

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The Web.  It’s a seemingly endless supply of information.  Anything can be found; lesson plans, news, a tracker for my training schedule, just to name a few.  The power the internet holds is knowledge and connections.  The web allows anyone with the tech capabilities to access knowledge and the global community.

Being the social creature that I am, the web appeals to me as a method of maintaining connections to my friends.  Sure, the obtaining of knowledge is a great side effect, but I would still rather visit a library.  In addition, things like banking and buying flights have become so much a part of my online experience that I am not sure that I could even check my balance or buy a flight without a computer.  Have I become that dependent upon technology and the ease that it provides?

Perhaps it’s my general lack of organization, but I am frequently overwhelmed by the information that I have obtained online.  I have no set method for organizing my documents or bookmarks.  I spend more time than I would like to admit searching of things that I have already discovered.  This maybe the number one reason I chose to use the internet as a means of socializing rather than knowledge acquisition.

But the web boils down to one important thing: connections.  Everything is connected on the web.  Connections make everything easier to find, to search, to lose yourself in the sea of global information. Connections are what keeps us coming back to the web for more.

3 Responses to Endless Connections

  1. I totally agree with what you wrote here and could definitely relate! I’ve shared similar web experience in the sense that I am comfortable using it to connect with friends, booking flights or just looking up some info quickly. When it comes to using the Web as a place to gain proper knowledge, I am hesitant as I don’t think I am doing it effectively. I still prefer printing out everything and organize them physically etc. I think this has to do with the fact that we were trained that way.

    I am currently doing my 5th COETAIL Course and I think I am handling the Web better. With education and the learning resources I was exposed to over the last 6 months, I am more comfortable with gaining my knowledge online but I am still taking a small step. I think it takes education and lots of practice to change your preferences and behaviors. So I recently just purchased iPad 3 because I want to give e-books a try. I was thinking to myself that this might be a small start for me to adapt myself to become a digital citizen and to support a greener world! :) … Lets see if I will finish my first e-book!

    Good luck with your digital journey!

  2. When I think about organization online, the word that comes to mind is “tags”. With tags that are meaningful to you, organization is a whole lot easier! Using a social bookmarking service like Diigo or Delicious and combining that with multiple tags (not to mention lists and groups that Diigo allows) and you’re pretty well set!

    Have you checked out the COETAIL Diigo group?

    • I need to check that out. Tags are great, but I find it’s bookmarks and files I have a harder time keep track of. What is the best way to keep track of bookmarks?

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