Bring on the Learning Revolution

The first unit of COETAIL has changed me. My opinions about the use of technology in the classroom have dramatically shifted and the urgency and passion that I feel for the need to revolutionize and personalize education have been affirmed. For the first time I can articulate the need for technology in the classroom as a way to make learning authentic, collaborative, connected and personalized. This course has not just been about computers, it’s challenged the very purpose and nature of education and I have loved every minute of it.


As part of the assessment for Course 1 of COETAIL I had the opportunity to collaborate with Mr. Norris, Mr. Baker and Hosei Sensei. This really was a highlight of the course for me. It was fun to share ideas and watch them evolve into better ones as we worked together. Our final project will involve working together to provide students with the framework and skills to produce and publish digital media about their learning and their lives. The purpose of the website is to give students a voice and a connected learning community. We hope that the student driven site will provide faculty and our administration with an opportunity for professional development and growth and that overall, the profile of learning technologies will be raised.

I am looking forward to working on the project because it will give me an opportunity to apply some of the things that I have been learning about it in the course. I prefer working with other people to working in isolation so that is another exciting thing for me. The aspect of the project that I am most enthusiastic about is the potential it offers for professional development. I hope that the website can be used as a forum to display the types of things that teachers at our school are working on but also as a vehicle to drive discussion.

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