Appropriate Use Policy

After going through the old appropriate use policies for ASIJ and JIS, Julie Pyborn and I took notes on a Google Doc about which policies we thought made sense and which ones we thought didn’t.  After learning in this class that there was statistically very little risk to kid’s personal safety on the internet, we were able to eliminate some unnecessary policies.  We noticed that ASIJ and JIS had very different AUP’s in terms of their focus and it was great to compare the two.  We also decided that we would try to keep a positive spin on as much as possible so that it was not just a list of things you could not do.  The idea of leaving a positive digital footprint was particularly important.  Finally, it is important to keep it as short and clear as possible so that people will actually follow it rather than just making it another chapter in the middle school handbook that no one will read.  Here is what we came up with.

Appropriate Use Policy

    • Students are to use technology appropriately and uphold the spirit of the Middle School student code regarding rights, rules and expectations.
    • Keep your passwords secure and never use anyone else’s account.
    • Digital communication should not be used during class time without the teacher’s permission.
    • Whenever you put anything on the internet, be aware that it leaves a digital footprint that might never be erased.  Make an effort to leave a footprint that you would be proud of.
    • Use the digital technology as a tool to minimize your use of paper.  Avoid excessive printing.
    • Technology can be a great tool to help your learning and communication with others.  Avoid letting it be a distraction.
    • Cite your sources when using any material taken from the internet and only use materials you are legally allowed to use.
    • Always come to school with a fully charged laptop.
    • All digital behavior must be made with good intentions.  Offensive, obscene, harassing and bullying behavior is prohibited both in and out of school. Posting or forwarding of inappropriate media including images, video or text is also prohibited.

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