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Appropriate Use Policy

After going through the old appropriate use policies for ASIJ and JIS, Julie Pyborn and I took notes on a Google Doc about which policies we thought made sense and which ones we thought didn’t.  After learning in this class … Continue reading

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Should Schools Crack Down on Pirating?

I think everyone should watch Everything is A Remix by Kirby Ferguson.   The basic idea is that copyrights and patents were created to improve the public good in society.  But this purpose was lost over time and the wealthy … Continue reading

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Students’ Privacy and Last Names

This year we rolled out blogs for all of our middle-school students at ASIJ.  There was quite the resistance from some faculty who were worried that we would be exposing our students to internet predators so we have made a … Continue reading

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I looked up my rating on and luckily did not find any bad reviews on me.  There were a couple of ratings from 5 years ago when I used to teach high school, but none since I have been teaching … Continue reading

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Should you always have to cite your sources?

Some rights reserved by courosa I often wonder why we put so much emphasis on citing sources.  “This was my idea!  You need to tell everyone you got that from me!”  Should we really be pushing a culture that puts … Continue reading

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