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Is Digital Really Better?

After going away for a few days on a trip where I had no internet connection, I jumped right back into my digital life posting photos and videos on Facebook from my trip.  While I was excited (or was it … Continue reading

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Khan Academy Video: Predicting the Future of Education

I just watched this video put up by Khan Academy and I recommend it.  It is always interesting imagining what the future will be like and we are almost always wrong in our predictions.  One of the main claims in … Continue reading

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One of my main hopes of joining this class is to get some good collaboration with other teachers and to steal their good ideas.  While it is intimidating to put my ideas out there for everyone to judge, we would … Continue reading

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Rubrics and Creativity

I have not always been the kind of teacher who gives out rubrics to students on their writing assignments for my 8th grade social studies class.  Now that I have been doing this for several years, it dawned on me … Continue reading

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Looking forward to learning something new

I’m still getting used to the idea of following my assignments on a blog.  Actually, as I am typing this right now I can not see what I am typing because iit is hiding under the publish information on the … Continue reading

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