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I think the picture on the top explains my stage in the COETAIL where I am diving in the waters and I guess with time would swim and even do surfing well by continuing my efforts and learning in COETAIL.  It has given me a great sense of achievement after completing the course. The way the project took off was a great pleasure for me even knowing the fact that we are in the month of April-May, I thought that I will just touch base with internet safety and impact of Media Practices with the Learners but more we discussed together there were more issues to be uncovered.  As I moved on to the lesson plan, I encountered the fact that my learners needed more reinforcements.I was glad to be working with my  senior Monica and our technology consultant who helped me in moving on  my presentation and the project. Even for me the intricacies and the amount of understandings and the rationalities which came on in due course gave me a feeling of satiation.Inserting one of my Lesson plan.

Presentation which was discussed in Parents workshop in the school. It was a reverberating experience in which lot of sharing and understanding took place. Now the difference that I visualised that with building posters and on-campus awareness there was more sparks in the light of Media practices. And here it goes. I could talk and discuss more with my students and the parents.We went over the Media Agreements at our own grade level by making it more simple this time and practical.

In the discussions of BIG MARKER and by readings of my COETAIL partners I came across the BYOD program, though I feel that at this time we are still discussing about it we at this stage have varied opinions and thoughts especially at Elementary level though we know that in coming times already there are different types of tech tools in our hands within a short span of time and all the time circumventing to it creates pressure in school system regarding which one to choose which would suit the needs and the environment.

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Then Reflecting back on how I had really started on COETAIL,I am really glad that I have developed my own personal philosophy on Education and have opened my wings from caterpillar to a butterfly, specifically in regards to 20things that I learned about the WEB, Digital footprints and shadows, and cyber bullying and  impact of web in our lives. The commencement of learning and introducing Creative Commons License and adding proper citations by giving credit to the resources used has made a mark on me and the learners by unearthing the issues on using others’ resources and digital creations, and to consider allowing their own creations to be open and free to the world .This can be fulfilled by using Creative Commons licences of their own.

There cannot be more success to the fact and realization that Parental involvement as well as awareness is a necessary ingredient in the world of web connections to keep our Learners safe, secure, and happy online. In whole paradigm one must try to educate parents and encourage them to be actively involved in their child’s internet life, together we can develop responsible and productive online consumers and contributors in the world of internet.