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I think the picture on the top explains my stage in the COETAIL where I am diving in the waters and I guess with time would swim and even do surfing well by continuing my efforts and learning in COETAIL.  It has given me a great sense of achievement after completing the course. The way the project took off was a great pleasure for me even knowing the fact that we are in the month of April-May, I thought that I will just touch base with internet safety and impact of Media Practices with the Learners but more we discussed together there were more issues to be uncovered.  As I moved on to the lesson plan, I encountered the fact that my learners needed more reinforcements.I was glad to be working with my  senior Monica and our technology consultant who helped me in moving on  my presentation and the project. Even for me the intricacies and the amount of understandings and the rationalities which came on in due course gave me a feeling of satiation.Inserting one of my Lesson plan.

Presentation which was discussed in Parents workshop in the school. It was a reverberating experience in which lot of sharing and understanding took place. Now the difference that I visualised that with building posters and on-campus awareness there was more sparks in the light of Media practices. And here it goes. I could talk and discuss more with my students and the parents.We went over the Media Agreements at our own grade level by making it more simple this time and practical.

In the discussions of BIG MARKER and by readings of my COETAIL partners I came across the BYOD program, though I feel that at this time we are still discussing about it we at this stage have varied opinions and thoughts especially at Elementary level though we know that in coming times already there are different types of tech tools in our hands within a short span of time and all the time circumventing to it creates pressure in school system regarding which one to choose which would suit the needs and the environment.

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Then Reflecting back on how I had really started on COETAIL,I am really glad that I have developed my own personal philosophy on Education and have opened my wings from caterpillar to a butterfly, specifically in regards to 20things that I learned about the WEB, Digital footprints and shadows, and cyber bullying and  impact of web in our lives. The commencement of learning and introducing Creative Commons License and adding proper citations by giving credit to the resources used has made a mark on me and the learners by unearthing the issues on using others’ resources and digital creations, and to consider allowing their own creations to be open and free to the world .This can be fulfilled by using Creative Commons licences of their own.

There cannot be more success to the fact and realization that Parental involvement as well as awareness is a necessary ingredient in the world of web connections to keep our Learners safe, secure, and happy online. In whole paradigm one must try to educate parents and encourage them to be actively involved in their child’s internet life, together we can develop responsible and productive online consumers and contributors in the world of internet.


Project background: Writing the Unit plan by integrating technology by following Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe’s book through Understanding by Design has been a very thoughtful process. Using the NETS standards and then blending it with the UBD planner which we were already using,was a fine marker in the way we teach.Using Ipads and also talking about DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP is definitely useful especially for DIGITAL NATIVES as their needs and pace keeps changing with a press of a button. So to help them understand the pros and cons is definitely the right thing for the EDUCATORS. The ending of the Unit by looking at the smiles of Learners to go beyond the World without walls is the best way that I could portray my thoughts. FROM



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Final Reflection: It was an enthusing process for me to come across the article gaming to learn

And very interestingly it merged in the thinking that we must learn to blend in the different tracks. I especially being from the Elementary teaching background was so focussed on the path that when I started to  think  beyond with the Eyes of a child and  how the Gaming world is connecting with the Instruction Design was exhilarating journey for me and now when I am actually blending it and the results were fantastic.

I do understand that kids really enjoy animation so not only I came up with the Unit Plan I thought of creating an animation video based on the Unit plan. Embedding it in my blog…………

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 I know that the way it came was surely shocking to me as I sounded as dull as possible. But as we all know to “Fix It” philosophy I will eventually move on to it but for now I am uploading it on the YOUTUBE as a first timer and rightly put in the words of my son “You are an amateur Mom”.

I sharing it with my class was a great Flip. My class enjoyed the whole focus of learning. Using technology with Lessons is as someone did remark is like “putting chocolate on a Broccoli” though I have totally forgotten the name of that lady. To empower us with Google Docs, RSS reader, Tweeting, Blogging was definitely empowering and embellishments to achieve by the end in the culmination of my first course of COETAIL.






Last week had been one of my busiest weeks, not in writing Blogs but reading and reading as much  as I can and  especially the article of Marc Parensky on Shaping Tech for the classroom.

It got into my veins as if I was getting blood transfusion. I not only read the article I went into his Website   and I came across all his talks and videos and some really helped me to in the in depth of how we as Educators can as he puts it “close to Edutopia”. I remember when I was a child the teacher who was  old  in teaching methodologies or unable to come down to the level of the child in interests and hobbies,were one of the greatest fears in my mind to join her class. We have to look at the perspective of  our Learners and as rightly put in the words of Mark

Let’s ADAPT,PUSH,PULL,ITERATE,EXPERIMENT,TEST,REDO technology in Schools until we reach the point that kid’s feel that we have done our very BEST.




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Moving on from the context in which he wrote about New things in New Ways is building connections of my childhood where I wanted to do things differently than the rest. Not that I reached in becoming some kind of an innovator but I liked to bring changes and challenges in my everyday life  and my acquaintances loved the  ways I initiated in  that track.  Then in the same way the Digitally Natives want to question and understand and create in their own way much more than ever before.


I loved the way she visualizes and quotes on that the kids today easily get bored with lecturing and we start naming them in category not visualizing that it is we that need to change and open the chains which bind us in the world to come where learners and Educators walk as Mentors and coaches for the Youth.

I am very glad to be a part of COETAIL,where we all are trying NEW THINGS IN NEW WAYS.Understanding Flipped classrooms,Khan Academy website in which Lessons are given with a press of a button,Flattening classrooms,Rethinking Assessments in the age of ipad are just one of the starters that we have tried to understand.The definition of having tech tools,have far more deeper concept as devices to own. 

In the same lines I am  embedding one more video…. Enjoy…

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When on by  reading the conclusions and implications in the Living and Learning with New Media one must address to the goals of the document which was to understand the paradigm of lives of the Youth addressing by participation in the contemporary networked places. Peer-based learning definitely has its uniqueness in suggesting alternatives to formal instruction. I think now in the end I can say quote the words that “Teachers will not be replaced by technology but the teachers who don’t use technology will be replaced by those who do”

-          Sheryl Nussbaum Beach  

-          Follow the link to read more





After reading the interesting part of Geeking Around I am totally connected with the article as my own sons and his peers are totally living in the world of technology where communications form a base in the lives of Digital natives.

I definitely do agree with the fact that Geeking out requires time, space and resource to experiment and to follow interests in the own way. Going to the Facebook account has become like a food supplement. This change in attitudes, thoughts and expression has paved the way to innovations in the use of new tools and platforms. Though there is a query about the inequality of access and participation.

I remember when we had started the unit of Non-Fiction to the second graders in the first week we focussed on about what they are passionate about. I was wondering that when I was a second grader I am sure this word and knowledge was Greek to me. Even when I grew up I was dwindling between as to what I really wanted to in life which could give me satisfaction and at the same time nourish my mind, body and soul and family of course. Then only I reached the conclusion of being an Educator. But I think with the invigoration of technology I see a change in the thinking and working of the Learners of being surer about what passions, and interests from an early age. They enjoyed sitting and searching in various websites to put pictures in the Writing Journal. I even used this Rap  song on you tube for the same unit.

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The palette of technologies has captured the attention of young people the innovative learning outcomes have been far more elusive that the Educators thought of. The three modes that young people are practicing in the informal learning is by communicating, learning and playing.  

When I started to go more deeply in the readings I realized the fact that kids have been active innovators rather than using Digital Media as passive consumers of popular culture or academic knowledge. This has also helped schools to open doors for the schools to engage in changing and being versatile to try new ways to Teach and Innovate, even having an impact on building up new software and designs for knowledge and learning.

Let us all start and enjoy Geeking too…. And capture youth perspectives and voices to understand on what is happening in the online world today.

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In the world today where there is there is so much of technology in everywhere. The Learners of today click pictures on the digital cams or mobiles and upload them on their own Facebook, My Space or blogs and communicate or invite comments from their friends or family through emails, Twitters or MSN. They navigate or find information via internet or on the Wiki or by reading online newspapers. They may just pose the question to their personal planning network (PLN) via a forum like Twitter and get the answers almost within seconds from all over the world with lot of brainstorming and synergy. Even in their relaxation mode they listen to music on iPods or they choose to play on the Wii or on the PlayStation or X-Box.  I sometime wonder that even while going on sleepovers they are using technology in some form or other as if they are getting oxygen while being around with them.

When they enter the school grounds it becomes all the more imperative that they enjoy learning in the atmosphere where both Learners and the facilitators are sharing, collaborating and understanding the needs by integrating technology in the formal learning too.

 Education Must Change. To understand the knowledge and possessing skills is the only way that could lead to the path of the demands of the Educational technological bombarding world of today.

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When I started to do researching on the NETS Standards, I went into the history of it in which it was clearly stated that   it was a project   initiated by ISTE’s Accreditation and Professional Standards Committee and was by NASA in consultation with the U.S. Department of Education, the Millken Exchange on Education Technology and Apple Computer for the purpose of leveraging the use of technology in K-12 education to enable students to learn effectively and live productively in an increasingly digital society.


In the world based on technological advancements Educators must help students to live productively and effectively.

To help the learners to be creative and innovative which after reading the revised Blooms taxonomy, we know that it is at the top most level of thinking.

To reach this process we Educators have to communicate and collaborate with the learners which can not only help in generating of ideas but exchanging of thoughts and opinions and to engage in cultural and global awareness. Educational technology standards are used as the roadmaps to teaching effectively and growing professionally in an increasingly digital world.

The program standards are kept to help Educators to use effective tools to engage their students, improve learning environments and their own professional practice as well as to provide a positive model for their school community.


I think one of the important technological tools that we had started to use was the Smart Boards. We in our classes have started to record using voice thread. Then the usage of ipads this year though I feel I have really started to get the hang on the Digital trends. To start with started writing a Blog, has been an igniting affair though definitely I use to read Educational Blogs but it was only   to understand the topic well or to, but now writing and having own Blog is really a great pleasure and an invention in my own world .Learning to create and Edit Blogs, to set up RSS feed with Google reader and still moving onto using Twitter. To understand the whole movement by reading “Reach” has been great footage to get my hands on to my technological pathways. It has helped me to open doorways in the learning and understanding of the upsurge going on and now instead of being one of the Educators to be like the others are and to teach without tools in my hands was like fishing in the dry lands especially when I looked around outside, there are schools who still believe that technology has hampered the Learning process, we unknowingly debar students not to carry tools in the school boundaries. The invigoration of change has to come by empowering the generation who are coming to learn in schools with Digital tools as a part and process of our pedagogical educational learning environments. I would try my level best to improve my learners and more motivated for the same. Sharing another you tube……..

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Top of Form

Top of Form

Living and Learning – Assignment Reading 2

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Reading reflection: Assignment  2

Living and Learning with New Media: Digital Youth “Messing Around”   Pages. 20 – 28

After reading the article I could not help myself but to understand and to dive deep into the changing student centric scenario.  I think when I went to YouTube I could not help but to share this video with all of you.


“MESSING AROUND” implying on by simple technicality of the word is to indulge in the goal oriented search, using the online resources. To avoid the digital disconnect the Educators have to change from the traditional setting to more interest driven participation which is from going to the libraries and reading various journals, books and articles one switches to the internet   by going to the web and understanding the text to its own learning style and understanding the topic more clearly than to just moving on to the next and giving tests without understanding the content.

The Digital tools help the learners which are tech savvy to mess around and customise with their own needs and to come up with creative and innovative media creations.   The twenty first century learners use photos, videos sharing them on sites like Photo Bucket and MySpace, video blogging, using You Tube provides ample evidence that they love to experiment online, and continue to perfect their own creations. The tinkering with MySpace profiles and digital photography makes the users look at each other’s photos, audios, visual clips  in an economical, convenient, and easily accessible manner on any internet connected  digital device.

I would further move on to explain that in our  learners today  love to play with I pads and use interactive sites to learn more about the subject has helped not only me to equip myself better with technology but has led on to understand the interests, passions of each learner. When they are asked to write for example in the Non-fiction section of Language Arts they quickly move on to discovering their path by navigating to the sites where they are more interested in which has not only helped me to make more videos of my learners but also to help my parents to view and understand the skills that have built on their findings

“Messing around” can be fun yet experimental, but a focused goal oriented task can help us achieve the desired results.


Reflecting on the thoughts

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 As per Bloom’s digital taxonomy, we as educators must provide our students with High order thinking skills (HOTS), so they develop their abilities to apply the knowledge content they’ve derived, rather than simply being aware of the content.  I am so glad after this week to understand by reading that the prime motive and the Learning theory of Connectivism has not only  helped me to understand the changing trends of the learners but to equip myself more forcefully on the Digital Pathways to empower myself and the needs of the twenty first century education. Therefore one certainty is the need for continuous and consistent improvement in all schools and educators.

To upgrade ourselves with coming of social media is the need of the hour of any Institution in any sphere. To have exchange of ideas and programs is the path to be carried on. To ignite ourselves by sharing and learning helps to come up with more inventive methods and ideas for learning. Positive reinforcement to the ever changing needs of the Educational Theories help us and any Institution for overall needs of the changing society that we are thronging for success in each sphere by creating and reinventing in the age where there is increasing outburst of knowledge in each and every sphere.

I am glad to put forward another links to the same.







An Eye into the thinking of HOWARD GARDNER……………..


I think after reading WORLD WITHOUT WALLS I was totally bewildered to learn about that an eleven year old was carrying on service learning project on a blog. This clearly showed that we really have to get a grip on the ways and the needs of the future generation to come forward and collaborate and share across any boundaries.



 This not only helped me  to share my experience of attending Howard Gardner show in which Educators, business leaders had managed to hear the great man talk about the different kinds of minds. In his stop at Mumbai American School the opening address was made by Craig saw the audience tittering as Craig in his signature style compared Gardner to Sachin Tendulkar who is the world famous batsmen. Yes, he did. I believe this is how it went, “What Sachin is to cricket, Gardner is to education”!.

Talking at his session in Mumbai, Gardner had talked about the four megatrends of education – GLOBALISATION, BIOLOGICAL REVOLUTION, the DIGITAL REVOLUTION and, LIFELONG LEARNING.

He then went on to elaborate how these megatrends have brought to the fore the critical need for different kinds of minds for the future.

In the future, individuals who wish to thrive will need to be experts in at least one area – they will need a discipline. As synthesizers, they will need to be able to gather together information from disparate sources and put it together in ways that work for themselves and can be communicated to other persons. Because almost anything that can be formulated as rules will be done well by computers, rewards will go to creators – those who have constructed a box but can think outside it. The world of today and tomorrow is becoming increasingly diverse, and there is no way to cordon oneself off from this diversity. Accordingly, we must respect those who differ from us as well as those whom we have similarities. Finally, as workers and as citizens, we need to be able to act ethically – to think beyond our own self-interest and to do what is right under the circumstances.



Depicting of what really are “Five Minds” is, The Disciplined Mind which is a distinctive mode of cognition that characterizes a specific scholarly discipline, craft, or profession. The Synthesizing Mind which takes information from disparate sources understands and evaluates that information objectively and puts it together to build a new capacity to understand new information. The Creating Mind which breaks new ground by putting forth new ideas, poses unfamiliar questions, and conjures up fresh ways of thinking. The Respectful Mind notes and welcomes differences between human individuals and human groups and seeks to work effectively with them. The Ethical Mind ponders the nature of one’s work and the needs and desires of the society in which one lives.

Gardner believes that the future belongs to those organizations, as well as those individuals, that have made an active, lifelong commitment to continue to learn. Powerful synthesizing of all of our multiple intelligences might also include our “existential intelligence,” what he defines as the “capacity to raise and address the largest questions” Could this be the human search for the most existential forms of meaning? He believes, “The transformational leader creates a compelling narrative about the missions of her organization or polity; embodies that narrative in her own life; and is able, through persuasion and personal example, to change thoughts, feelings, and behaviours of those whom she seeks to lead.” He then spoke about the respectful mind and the ethical mind – which go beyond the cognitive sense into the human sphere. The respectful mind endeavours to understand others and celebrates human diversity while the ethical mind goes to a higher level of abstraction by conceptualizing the individual as a good worker and a good citizen and seeking to act appropriately in both roles.

Gardner then spoke about his conception of good work which he defined by 3Es Excellence, Ethical and Engaging.

He went on by explaining that we will need to master the “five minds “that the fast paced future will demand-from minds to synthesise and communicate which after reading  NETS And Performance Indicators to facilitate and inspire Learning and Creativity is going to be the utopia of learning . To open the doors by evolving all the learners by making use of the new social tools is the need of the hour.



Collaboration age must engage in new technology innovations and to yearn and understand and manage digital footprints where teachers are working more like coaches and mentors and LEARNING IS    HAPPENING EVERYWHERE.