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I have decided to plan a unit around the visit of Rick Hansen to China.25 years ago, Rick wheel chaired around the world to raise awareness and funds for spinal chord research. One of his stops on the tour was Beijing; he wheeled up the Great Wall. As part of the anniversary he is coming back to the Great Wall and students from Western Academy of Beijing have been asked to to celebrate the tour and anniversary by attending the Symbolic Relay of Champions on the Great Wall and Rick will also come to the school for a day during which he will attend an  assembly for Grade 3.

Earlier in the year Grade 3 covered a unit on significant people and how they can make a difference to others and the world. This visit gives our students the opportunity to meet someone who has made a difference and who is certainly significant.

We have already set up each student with a blog but so far they have just posted a few pieces of work they have already done as attachments. I thought this would be a good opportunity for them to learn more about blogs and to write their own blogs about the visit. I felt they could also think about what makes a good blog and why people blog.

This is an opportunity for our students to not only learn the mechanics of how to blog but it also allows them to blog on a subject that is real and of interest to them.



Lesson Plan

Introduction: What blogs have they read? Why do people write blogs? Who do they know that writes blogs? Look at some examples of blogs from Grades 4 and 5.

Lesson 1: Students already have blog sites created but so far they have only posted attachments to it. Teach how to make a new post and let them write about what they already know about Rick Hansen and why he is significant. Publish these posts.

Lesson 2. Look at some more examples of blogs. How are they organised? What can be included? Establish the need for some reflection as well as recount. Use a rubric to assess the different blogs. What makes a good blog?

Lessons 3 and 4: Following their visit to meet Rick Hansen and the assembly with him the students will write their own blogs. Teach how to import photos from the gallery and how to make captions. Use the writing process to edit and revise before publishing.

Lesson 5: Reflect on their blogs by reading their own and others in Grade 3. Use the rubric to help them evaluate their work. Teach how to make comments on other student’s blogs and ask them to make thoughtful, reflective comments on 2 or 3 sites.


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