@1-8, The Beginning…

For me the course has ended with a good start…! All throughout the course, I have felt the power of networking and collaborating. It has been a great beginning for me to be able to collate (and add some new) resources. The course also provided with an opportunity to invest time and thinking in starting to develop a professional footprint for myself. I knew I could use Google but then again the ‘depth’ of Google as a professional tool was fully realized during this course. I never had the opportunity to setup a blog for myself or even setup the Google Reader! Thanks to Dana and Gary for these great sessions, much appreciate.

I struggled a bit with my final project because of the uniqueness of my area of expertise, but I still managed to keep the focus on the curricular ‘understandings’ and ‘essential questions’. I used the example of iPads in the 2nd grade classroom and how those had been used to spark imagination and with developing characters. The next step would be to use the iPad with the focus on building an understanding of the character.

UBD project


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