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Where to start? It’s pretty much impossible to put into words how much I agonized over this project.  Should it be whole school, primary, upper or lower primary or maybe by mileposts?  Should it be short & sweet or have … Continue reading

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Links, links and more links

At times, I feel that my personal use of the Internet to be excessive.  I use the Internet to read the news, various blogs, wiener dog humor, keep in touch with far away friends and family through social networks, email or … Continue reading

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Bullying – cyber and otherwise (UPDATED with stats from my school)

Wow. What a powerful topic and I’m so glad it’s being covered in the program!  But I’m not really even sure where to begin. It seems there are constant headlines over and over and over about students committing suicide because of bullying, often heightened because of technology. … Continue reading

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ALA’s “Choose Privacy Week”, May 1 – 7, 2012 (Not just for librarians)

How timely is this?  The American Library Association has organized a week devoted to privacy, which, of course, just happens to be a very important topic in Course 2.  They have a created this wonderful, wonderful website, which is … Continue reading

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Spirit if not the letter

How do we teach copyright in Asia, in countries where the international copyright law is not followed to begin with?  What is our obligation as educators? It’s important to give credit where credit is due.  I see our obligation on this … Continue reading

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Knock knock…

Hmmm.  What to say about my view of privacy online and my own personal feelings about privacy…. What…to..say… Moment of truth: I’ve never really worried about my privacy – online or otherwise.  Not that I don’t value my privacy or … Continue reading

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Survey says: “No”

I’ve thought quite a bit about C2W1’s question: Should you have a digital footprint as an international educator.  As usual, I’m still on the fence.  Well, I started out on the fence and now I sort of think I should. … Continue reading

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