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Visual Literacy

I’ve been stepping for awhile: My students’ initial attempts at Visual Literacy Application with matrices

 As I wrap up my thoughts and reflections on this course, which obviously have been centered around questioning, some frustrations, and what my next steps should be, I had to look back at one of my successful steps that I … Continue reading

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Are we as educators creating swiss cheese knowledge? Khan Academy is onto something!

WOW!  Look how far we have come.  Can you imagine where we would have been HAD Isaac Newton been able to post his “lectures” on YouTube?  Why not help our students become 100% bike riders.  Why are we handing them that unicycle before they’re … Continue reading

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Finding time…If only I had 10 more hours in the day!

The power of a visual is priceless!  I truly believe that pictures do speak a 1000 words and as advertisements show time and time again, an image sells.  So, over this last month, I have really worked to make visuals a conscience … Continue reading

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Questions, Questions, & MORE Questions?? Where is my next resource?

Great change begins with questioning and evaluation, turning the lens inward and beginning to look at things with a critical eye.  Although I always do this as an educator, always looking for ways to enhance the learning in my classroom, … Continue reading

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