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My final project and reflection…I’ve come a long way! :)

(This presentation is not narrated, but gives an overview of what I did for my final project.  The Screencasts shown here are just clips from a couple of my students’ Projects.  To view any or all of the full videos … Continue reading

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Can your online community be face to face?

So here I sit, 2 weeks away from the final class, Course 5 of my COETAIL Educational Technology course, with my head spinning (seems to be a common theme in this course!). Some rights reserved Kaptain Kobold One of the … Continue reading

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Blogging is all about putting it out there: My initial thoughts on a Project idea for COETAIL course 5 final Project

This is my first official “informal” blog.  Jeff said to just put my brainstorming ideas out there and see if anyone has anything to add or suggestion.  So, if so, please comment below: The unit I’m looking to Flip is:  … Continue reading

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21st Century Learners–This isn’t Leave it to Beaver–Out with the old, in with the new

RSAnimate:  Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us Daniel Pink says the way to get people motivated to perform is to give them autonomy, mastery and purpose.  If I can create and own my work, identify with it, control … Continue reading

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Teacher vs Educator: the duel is ON!

Are you going to be my teacher? YouTube video Uploaded by dcannell on Oct 25, 2009 Good question kid?  However, I think it would be better if you asked: ARE YOU GOING TO BE MY TEACHER OR ARE YOU GOING … Continue reading

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TIM (the Technology Integration Matrix) saves the day!

The essential question:  What is technology integration? Some rights reserved by Michael D. Dunn I think part of my issue has been NOT feeling like I was able to define “integration” of technology.  Wikipedia defines technology integration as “the use … Continue reading

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We’re gettin’ it in the NETS…mostly :)

If only I could designate specific planning time to educational web surfing. All rights reserved by paigesobey I think then I would not dread having to blog.  Here I sit, two hours into formulating my first blog for Course 4 … Continue reading

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I’ve been stepping for awhile: My students’ initial attempts at Visual Literacy Application with matrices

 As I wrap up my thoughts and reflections on this course, which obviously have been centered around questioning, some frustrations, and what my next steps should be, I had to look back at one of my successful steps that I … Continue reading

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Are we as educators creating swiss cheese knowledge? Khan Academy is onto something!

WOW!  Look how far we have come.  Can you imagine where we would have been HAD Isaac Newton been able to post his “lectures” on YouTube?  Why not help our students become 100% bike riders.  Why are we handing them that unicycle before they’re … Continue reading

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Finding time…If only I had 10 more hours in the day!

The power of a visual is priceless!  I truly believe that pictures do speak a 1000 words and as advertisements show time and time again, an image sells.  So, over this last month, I have really worked to make visuals a conscience … Continue reading

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