Can your online community be face to face?

So here I sit, 2 weeks away from the final class, Course 5 of my COETAIL Educational Technology course, with my head spinning (seems to be a common theme in this course!).

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One of the objectives was to stay involved in the online community by posting my own blogs, commenting on others’ and having group discussions with my COETAIL colleagues.  So I self evaluate and the teacher in me says, “Rosey, have you been doing your homework?” and I reply, “Well, that depends on how you ‘define’ staying involved..and online!”

You see, I will say that I have been involved in my online community, but I’ve done so, face to face, not online.  Now you ask, how is that ‘online’?

My response:  Throughout this course, I have had multiple discussions around using technology and picking people’s brains on how I can improve my technology integration in my own classroom.  For example, Nyoli (one of my COETAIL classmates, and thus an online community member :) ) and I talked frequently about this exact topic and she was kind enough share her project creation with me.  She gave me the idea to create a Google site for posting my students’ projects and even helped me get it all started.  I have had countless conversations over dinner with Erik Johnsen and Chris Fox, also classmates, about GoogleDocs and Google Sites and Screencast for teaching.  But my largest “community” involvement has been with my students (they are online digital natives so they could be considered part of my online community, right?)  I collaborated with my students as they created their Screencast videos (which was the basis of my Final Project) and I picked their brains on how to help answer tech questions posed by other students…how to use Corel and Camtasia.  I handed the teaching over to few saavy students and had them teach the others how to upload a YouTube video and post it on the site because I had no idea how to (and I still probably couldn’t tell you how, even after watching them).

My point being is that I HAVE STAYED INVOLVED in the online community…aka, with my colleagues at TAS and my students, I just haven’t had time to blog about it, or send my thoughts out to others online, or reflect on my learning out in the digital world for all to see!  Why??  Because I HAVE BEEN SO BUSY LEARNING and collaborating face to face ;)

So, alas, again I ask, how do people find the time and the balance to “do it” and then “talk about it” or “share it” online?  I AM LEARNING, I just haven’t had time to tell everyone in the actual online community about it!

As I’ve said from the beginning, I need another 10 hours in my day!!!

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