Finding time…If only I had 10 more hours in the day!

The power of a visual is priceless!  I truly believe that pictures do speak a 1000 words and as advertisements show time and time again, an image sells.  So, over this last month, I have really worked to make visuals a conscience part of my lessons and work to incorporate visual literacy into my classroom.  For instance, last week I spent a good 2 hours planning an 85 minute lesson on Permutations and Fundamental counting Theorem.   It included some great visual images, a quick video clip, and other tidbits to capture the attention of the audience in my classroom.  I felt it was a great lesson and the kids were quite engaged and seemed to take away a good understanding of the material.  I definitely think the visuals helped and the video was a nice wrap up of the lesson.  So, yeah for me.

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But the continually pressing question remains:   How do we fit the time in our planning schedule to put together these high quality lessons for every class?  And, what about that next step:  to formulate those ideal lessons that will allow the students to search, discover the answers and create their own product that depicts their understanding of the concepts?  If only I had ten more hours in my day to dedicate to this sort of awesome lesson planning!  HELP!  Is it me and my lack of search knowledge and digital brilliance, or is everyone having this issue?!  I know it’s all part of the process of making that technological shift in the classroom to integrate multimedia and visual literacy, but right now I feel like I’m floating alone in my mathematical boat in this digital sea with a blurred sense of direction.  Even though there has been a shift to more online resources and materials, our math curriculum doesn’t easily lend itself to the sort of technology based environment that  is heading up this shift.  So, how do I stay afloat in this tidal wave of technology and start to fully ride the wave on my mathematical surfboard?  I know the answers.  I need to Communicate, Colloborate, & begin to Create with my fellow surfers.  But how do we find each other amist this vast ocean?

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2 Responses to Finding time…If only I had 10 more hours in the day!

  1. Avatar of Allison Nave Allison Nave says:

    I totally concur! If only we had more time.

    And you, like me, are always searching for ways to create the best lesson that the kids will learn best from. And believe me, you are doing a great job … but want it to be better. It sounds as if you get frustrated with the whole technology thing and searching to find the best ideas, but there is so much out there that you will probably never see it all. I don’t think that it has anything to do with the way you search for things, it’s just that there’s so much out there in the digital world now and there’s not enough time to sift through it all. So yeah, if we only had more hours in a day?
    So, here’s some advice: search for a short while, and when you find something that you like, stop and use that.

    I know from talking with you that you are a dedicated, passionate teacher. And I’m sure the students leave your class each year with a lot more knowledge than they had coming in. You have a great rapport with your students, and for that, they are more interested in learning. So kudos to you!

    Keep doing what you know is best and create lovers of math!

  2. Jeff Utecht says:

    This is were building your Personal Learning Network comes in. Work smarter not harder. If you can connect with like minded educators around the world then you have a lot of teachers you can learn and grwo with and from. Twitter, Facebook, Nings, Blogs. Create a network of educators around you and you’ll be creating, communicating and collaborating in no time. :0

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