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Apr 09

4th Quarter Rush


When 4th quarter hits, it is always a rush for me to cover all the material I need to before my students take their AP US History exam.  This school year, our High School shifted to a semi-block schedule and for most of the year I seemed to be on track to where I was …

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Mar 26

Down to the Essentials


Yesterday, I attended a session entitled “Finding More Time in the Classroom”.  At last year’s EARCOS conference, I had attended sessions presented by Jeff Utecht but as my school is moving closer to having 1-2-1 laptops for the high school, his session are beginning to have more meaning for me.  With the availability of lap tops …

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Mar 24

From Robots to Researches

The Hanging Tree

Something that pains me about teaching APUSH, or any history class really, is that too often the class can get trapped in learning and repeating names and dates. Thus, causing students to turn into either fact-spitting robots or history-hating zombies.  The issues is how to I cover content, but still make history interesting? How do …

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