When even a story turns “digital” !

Storytelling has always been a fascination for kids. Thanks to Coetail for this interesting assignment!

Apart from mastering techniques and skills in sports, it is inevitable to take the right kind of diet both, during practice and on the day of the performance. I picked up this topic because I often come across a lot of kids who do have potential to perform but lack stamina.

So, I conceptualized the whole story using one of my own students as a character.Teenagers today are too influenced by this whole thought of taking proteins to get an attractively fit body. So this short story is how I tell him to go for the right meals at the right time !

Before I made the video, I created a draft storyline using Comic Life. I’ve posted the screenshots here. This basically helped me frame my ideas and build a continuity with pictures and text.














I clicked pictures and shot videos in the classroom and on track during practice so that when the kids look at it, they can identify better.

Finally I used iMovie for putting the  digital story in motion by adding each slide one by one and giving them a proper caption. I kept it short and very objective so that the kids enjoy it and simultaneously get the point. I basically needed a progressive tune to match the course of the story. So I used this one (The sidewalk-Impact)  from jamendo.com that provides royalty free music.You can even hear my voice at the end ( about “Grab and go” foods) that I recorded using the inbuilt feature of i Movie. I picked up the factual matter from the research presentation by Children’s Healthcare, Atlanta (see picture).

Game Nutrition







When I showed this to my kids, I noticed them enjoying it and the feedback I got from them was wonderful. The kids learned that it is important  to  conditioning the brain to recognize what kind of foods and fluids your body needs. Kids also learned about color scale of pee!!!! (” Happy runner Pee clear ” )

An unbelievably simple teaching method that I intend to use more often in my classes.Next year Middle school is moving to 1:1 ipad.  I plan  to ask kids to create a ‘digital story’ for learning a specific skill? This will help the kids to understand the key stages while executing the skill.

Here is my Digital Story:

YouTube Preview Image

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