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Who’s job is it to teach the NETs standards to students and how do we ensure they are being met in an integrated model?

The NETs standards are an excellent basic framework to communicate the important concepts surrounding technology use in education.  I like that they are simple and clearly stated and yet there is enough depth to make them useful.  As a content area teacher (IB Biology), they can work as a guideline for me to work on ways technology can be incorporated into my classroom.  However, I do not feel that it is my responsibility to meet all of the standards presented.  As I read through the standards, I realize that I cover a fair amount of them during the course of a year.  It’s encouraging to learn that the way I as a teacher have incorporated technology into my classroom is actually meeting standards.  The last time I looked at these standards I was teaching at a school that was a bit technology ‘deprived.’  Now that I’m at a 1:1 laptop school and am actively trying to integrate more technology into the classroom, it’s good to know that my instincts in how I’m having students use technology  aligns fairly well with established standards.
The question of how these standards should be used and how the school ensures that all standards are covered is a discussion that I feel should first happen through the top levels of the school and then the message should filter to the teachers.  The technology coordinator should oversee how and when these standards get implemented.  I bet with a simple grade level check off, each teacher could do some quick ‘reporting’ on what parts of the standards they cover in class.  I bet that collectively a school with 1:1 laptops and good to great teachers all of the standards would be covered but someone administratively should be looking at this issue.  As a teacher I think it’s good to know about these standards and revisit them yearly.  I think parents would also want to know about these standards and it would be an easy way for the school to communicate what their teachers are doing with technology in the classroom.
I think as teachers we should make every effort to seamlessly integrate technology into our classrooms where appropriate and these NETS Standards help to offer a roadmap for both your classroom and your professional development.  From NETS itself:
Today’s educators must provide a learning environment that takes students beyond the walls of their classrooms and into a world of endless opportunities. Technology standards promote this classroom transformation by ensuring that digital-age students are empowered to learn, live, and work successfully today and tomorrow.

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