About Zoe Page

A short video I made about myself as a way to introduce myself to parents before school started.

Hello, my name is Zoe Page and I am a teacher of young children. I have spent most of my teaching career working in International Schools (Kuwait, Qatar,Britain,Tokyo,Bangkok and Yokohama). I watched Dean Shareski’s video from the online learning conference, Sharing: The Moral Imperative and was inspired to begin sharing.

My Technological Journey.

I have been to two workshops run by Kim Cofino and one by Julie Lindsay. This has given me two things: the confidence to try new technology ideas and to think globally. Going beyond my classroom, beyond my school and beyond existing colleagues.  Technologically shaking hands with new people and the world.

Why I  started  blogging?

  • I am passionate about early childhood education and want to share what I am doing.
  • I love working together with parents explaining what I do and why, so we can all learn together.
  • I am trying to make the conceptual leap from collaborating within my school and existing colleagues to wider unknown world.
  • I am a fledgling techie who is on a steep learning curve, I want others to know they really can make technology work for them in simple ways.

I am on an  amazing learning curve with my professional and personal understanding of technology. I believe if we expect children to engage in learning, we should do it ourselves. It’s fun and frustrating. From  a techie beginner I have worked really hard and was lucky enough to be chosen as an Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2011. I have presented at conferences about using technology in the Early Years.

So what do I believe?

  • Children in Control, constructing their own understanding, teachers as well informed facilitators.
  • I work within a ‘children in control’ iPad and Mac Book program in Kindergarten.
  • I understand the challenges and frustrations of learning new technologies and can therefore help others.
  • I seek and develop creative ways in which technology can facilitate children taking control of their learning.
  • I create and share video that highlights the thoughtful use of technology in Early Years education and the young child’s right to create their own learning, supported by well-informed teachers and parents.
  • I develop an ‘I can do it’ attitude with those I engage with. I believe smart learners say, ‘I don’t know’, they ask questions, and develop strategies to seek solutions.

2 Responses to About Zoe Page

  1. So wonderful to meet you. I love your story. You exemplify the risks that we all take when we committ to share and give back. As well you already know the little we all share pails in comparison to the gifts we receive every day from others. I hope we meet again

  2. Avatar of Aroma Pannu Aroma Pannu says:

    Hi Zoe
    I love that you used “smart learners” – I teach Preschool and PreK and we are all about smart learners, smart choices and being the best learner we can be :-) Look forward to learning from and (hopefully with) you. I am taking the COETAIL program as well link to coetail.asia I am sure I will be back on your blog :-)

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