More from less , but it takes more time!

“When it comes to technology as it relates to communication, then, what is often needed today is not more, but less.” Garr Reynolds

I find it takes a lot more time to find one image to sum up a big idea, I suppose this is because you are synthesizing ideas. I think it can make your presentation better because you really think about about message.

  • I have never added images to the right, I saw this on Garr Reynold’s blog and decided to try it. Nice… takes the eye to the text!

I used this slide to convey tried and tested. I do not like the long link at the bottom it detracts form the slide. I would now use the authors name only or a tiny url. I wanted an image that matched the background.  I used an image I could modify to get the affect, thanks to creative commons licensing.



Whilst this slide has lot of info I like the colours, it sets the mood as people walked into the presentation. Ideally I would loose the sharp edges on the photo. I think it is important to set the stage for your presentation and gentle jazz has had some good feedback!



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  1. Hi Zoe,
    Glad to read you are thinking of stuff like this. Another option to consider could be to use the photo to fill the screen and have the text on top with perhaps a drop shadow (if it looks OK). Or, the pic could fill half the screen with the text on the other. Or, the QR codes could also be placed under the photo to create more weight on one side. Or, the image could be slightly angled to show dynamism. Or,….enough already. You will have to play and experiment. One challenge I gave myself this year was not to use any templates. I decided to create everything from scratch. Good luck!

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