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Digital Storytelling in Kindergarten, fotobabble.

Digital storytelling could be the most powerful technological tool to give a kindergarten student. It enables them to use their oral skills, which are often more advanced than their written skills. This empowers them to take control of their learning … Continue reading

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More from less , but it takes more time!

“When it comes to technology as it relates to communication, then, what is often needed today is not more, but less.” Garr Reynolds I find it takes a lot more time to find one image to sum up a big … Continue reading

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Finding common understanding through images.

The  children decided the setting for the collaborative storytelling between Borneo and Yokohama is a grave yard. Do the children know know what grave yards look like? How would they find out? How do our understandings differ between countries, clutures? … Continue reading

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Simply the best, reflecting on process and product in blog design.

What I like about my class blog It has a simple design that does not detract from the content. One colour runs from header to wigits (blue). The header is a simple class picture with muted colours and soft smokey … Continue reading

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