Week 5: Going Global

Welcome to Week 5!

By now you should have:

  • read and completed all readings up to “Week 5” in the “My Courses” tab
  • gotten started on your final project, and as you do, add your project into this Google Drive folder
  • written 4 blog posts (you should have 5 by the end of this week)
  • continue recording the URLs of each of the posts you would like assessed as part of COETAIL on your grading spreadsheet
  • continue recording the URL of each of the comments you would like assessed as part of COETAIL on your grading spreadsheet
  • completed the application process for SUNY (only if you’re taking COETAIL for SUNY credit)

Getting Together: Learning 2.014 in Bangkok

We had a great conference in Bangkok last week! There were quite a few COETAILers there and it was great to meet you face-to-face during our unconference! If you’re interested in seeing what happened at the conference, all of the Extended Session materials are available on the website in the groups, you can catch up via the #learning2 hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, and the Learning2Asia Flickr photostream. There were tons of absolutely amazing sessions, it’s well worth looking through the resources to see what resonates. If you were one of the participants, it would be great to read your reflections on your blog too! I’ll be posting a recap soon as well.

Going Global: Getting Started With Collaborative Projects

One of the key themes for this week is collaboration. A resource that might be helpful for you is a presentation I’ve given called: Connecting Classrooms Across Continents. The presentation wiki has tons of resources (including the actual presentation, along with a few recorded versions of me giving the presentation), and if this is something you’re interested in, it may be worth exploring in more depth.

One of my blog posts on this topic, A Step-by-Step Guide to Global Collaboration is a featured reading for this week, and coincidentally I was recently asked to provide a video lecture on just this topic for a colleague, Bob Greenberg, at the University of Oregon. He’s teaching a course entitled Technology in Global Learning, under the guidance of Dr. Young Zhao and featuring a number of global educators through video lectures.

If you’re interested, here’s mine (it basically walks you through the Step-by-Step guide, using many of the slides from the presentation) – it was a quick one-take, so set your expectations low:

Have you started exploring with global collaborations in your classroom? What have you learned? If you haven’t started yet, what interests you? Where do you think you might be able to take this idea?

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    At the European Google Summit here, in Prague, over the weekend, several sessions dealt with this topic. Collaborating within the digital space seems to be creeping into more classrooms and lessons. It’s great to see!


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