Tools You Need

To take part in the COETAIL program you will need to have access to the following:

1. A computer with an Internet Connection

2. A Google Gmail Account
We use the Google Apps Suite (Google Docs, Calendar, Gmail) extensively throughout the program.

3. A blog on the COETAIL site
(We’ll set this up during course 1)

4. We will be meeting online using a program called These will be live sessions where headphones will be necessary and a web cam is optional.

All required assignments will be posted to your blog. Each course will consist of posting 5 blog posts and a final project to your blog. We’ll talk about this during the first class.

3 thoughts on “Tools You Need

  1. hugo @ 2011/12/07

    Hi, I am wondering if we are required to attend the Earcos conference in Bangkok in March 2012? Thanks

    1. Avatar of Jeff Utecht

      Hi Hugo,

      No this cohort does not have the responsibility to attend the EARCOS ETC in March. No travel necessary for this cohort.

    2. Avatar of Jeff Utecht

      No you are not required to attend the EARCOS Conference in Bangkok. This program is fully online with no travel required.

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