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Two New COETAIL Coaches in Training

As COETAIL continues to expand with at least three more cohorts next year, we are looking to add some COETAIL Coaches to help us meet the needs of the growing numer of COETAILers out there.

Kim Cofino and I have talked about this at great length and want to make sure that new COETAIL Coaches understand the philosophy behind COETAIL, are leaders in the Educational Technology Field, are international teachers themselves, as well as being good presenters. The final requirement is that they must complete the COETAIL program themselves.

So with that we’ll have two COETAIL Coaches In Training for the remainder of this cohort. I’m excited to announce that Clint Hamada and Brandon Hoover will both be joining me in the journey of this cohort as coaches.

Clint is in his 14th year of teaching, working in schools in California, Japan, Tanzania and Vietnam. As the Technology Facilitator at UNIS Hanoi, Clint works with students and teachers to leverage technology to create innovative learning experiences. He has facilitated workshops at conferences across Asia, including the IB Asia Pacific Regional Conference, Learning 2.0 and ASB Unplugged. Clint is an IB MYP workshop leader and experienced MYP/DP Mathematics practitioner.

Professional Blog | COETAIL Blog | Twitter

Brandon is an American expat living in Manila, Philippines after 7 amazing years in Jakarta, Indonesia. He has been living in Asia since 2002.

Brandon is an IT Curriculum Director at International School Manila, an  ADE, with a degree in Engineering and Industrial Design with a Fine Arts major. One of his strongest passions (as you may have guessed) is photography.

Keep up with him via:

twitter | flickr | 500px | COETAIL Blog

I do hope you do your own “Google Resume” search for these two so you can see for yourself just how qualified they are.

On a personal note…I’ve known both of these guys via the network for….it seems like forever. They have taught me a lot over the years and I’m excited that they’ve decided to join COETAIL as instructors. Clint actually did a presentation for the YIS COETAIL Cohort earlier this school year and is now part of the Learning 2.012 Conference Team.

Brandon is an amazing photographer. Do check out his flickr and 500px account above….I’m personally very excited to have him help us teach the third course that focuses on visual literacy.

Both of these gentlemen will have access to your Google Grade Sheet and you’ll see posts from them here from time to time as they learn the COETAIL Coaching system as well as take the COETAIL program at the same time. So they will be busy!

Also know if you have questions, need help with something they are here to support you!