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Internet, Grades & Payment

Just getting caught up after the EARCOS conference here in Bangkok. It was great to meet some of you face to face and hopefully you met each other as well. It’s always good to put a face to the blog. ;)

IĀ apologiesĀ for getting your grades for course 1 to you late. Thailand was having Internet issues for a couple of weeks and then my router here at home went out putting a major cramp in my style and system. Things seem to be solved now and you should now see your final grade on your course 1 sheet. If you do not see a final grade on your course 1 sheet please e-mail me and I’ll make sure to get it done ASAP.

As we start course 2 make sure you’re putting the blog post titles and comments on the course 2 sheet. You do not need to make a new Google Doc. All five courses are set up in the one workbook and you’ll see tabs across the bottom to switch to the next course. You can also drag the course 2 sheet to the front so that it auto opens to that sheet.


Payment can be found under the program details page

Please try and make your payment as soon as possible for course 2. It just helps to get this stuff out of the way early so I can focus on supporting you through this course.

That’s all for now. I know some of you are on Spring Break this week…so enjoy your time disconnected and away from it all.