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Creative Commons Image Sources

Hi everyone, I hope week 2 is coming along well for you. I’d like to post a few things that may help you in regards to sourcing, posting and embedding Creative Commons images.

Here’s a repost of Jeff’s video for citing and embedding images in blog posts from Course 2.

In terms of seeking out Creative Commons-licensed images, here are a few that I generally use. If you have additional tools or sites please do share.

For these sites, you’ll need to consider your search terms carefully and toggle different parameters to find the best results. For example, if you’re searching for “flowers” but have set the search to only take those results from the title, you’re depending on the fact that the artist had the word, “flower” in the title of their artwork. However if you search based on “tags” or “all text” then you can open up the search to encompass these variables as well.

Creative Commons Search

This is a fantastic jumping point for images, videos and even sound clips and music. You can use this also to launch into a Google Images search with the proper criteria already selected for filtering CC images only. This would be a great starting place for students who tend to go straight to Google Images for sourcing material (often not available for CC). And similar to our color palette generators, Google Images can be sorted by color, size, date posted, etc.


Flickr Storm

And lastly, Flickr itself has a built-in Creative Commons search tool:


When posting images from Flickr to WordPress, you may need to click “Share” (above the image). You can then drop down to “Grab the HTML” and after selecting the size you want (for WordPress, generally you want a width of less than 600 pixels, so in this case the medium size of 500px works well).

And from within your blog post, click on the “HTML” tab and simply paste in the code. (I believe Jeff covered this in his video). The code will then result in the image displaying as below:

Tanah lot

Photo by Brandon Hoover

How To Add A Creative Commons License

Welcome to Course 2!
We’ll start off by adding an official Creative Commons license on your blog…and more importantly show you how you can add widgets to your blogs sidebar area. Watch the video below (or download from the media blog, or via iTunes) to learn how.

Now that you know how to add HTML code to your sidebar using a text widget, see if you can add a map to track your sites visitors. This will help you see who’s reading your blog and where your digital footprint is spreading.

A couple of my favorite map widgets:




Tip: In the HTML code you will see width= and height= play with these values to get the widget to fit nicely on your blogs theme. Each blog theme has a different width of sidebar so you’ll have to adjust this based on your blog’s theme.

Sign-up for Bigmarker!

It’s time we go get some live conversations going. So almost every Tuesday (those I’m available) we’ll have live sessions via a program called Bigmarker. com. You need to sign up for an account (free) and then join the COETAIL community. Once you do that you’ll have an opportunity to participate in our live sessions. Sometimes (like this first one) will be just a conversation between all that show up and I’ll also be giving some clarification on the final project for this course. Other times we’ll have guest presenters. Watch the calendar for details.

“But I can’t make it!”

That’s OK…do the best you can and know that all live sessions will be recorded and then released on this blog, the media site and in iTunes. So if  you can’t make the live session, you can always listen to the recording later. If you really do want to join live suggest a Tuesday night time that is good for you and I’ll see what I can do. I’m still working full time at ISB until June so my time isn’t as flexible as it will be for courses 3,4,5. When this will be a big part of my full time duties.