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Categorize Your Uncategorized Blog

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I’ve noted that many of you are not yet putting your blog posts into categories. A little tip from experience. The sooner you start categorizing your blog posts the better. Here’s why…

  1. At some point you’re going to want to go back and find a blog post you wrote. Much easier if you have categories.
  2. When others visit your site categories help them find structure to your blog and ideas and thoughts.
  3. The sooner you do this the less blog posts you have to go back and add to a category. Easier now with a few then later on with a lot.

In the end categories and tags are how we bring structure to the chaos. Learn to use them well and they’ll start making sense. You don’t have to use the “course 1″ “course 2″ structure. Find a structure that works for you, you can categorize posts in a number of ways….the only wrong way is not to categorize at all.

If you need more help on how to use categories and tags here  is some good reading and videos to get you started.